Monday, 16 August 2021

The Science of Thoughts

Thoughts form the major activity of a human mind. The person we are today is because of the thoughts that we had been maintaining till yesterday. The person we would be in the future is dependent on the thoughts that we would be maintaining in our present moment. If the thoughts we maintain in our present moment are regrets of our past and anxiety for the future then our future can be filled with obstacles and failures.

Well you may ask how can thoughts be so powerful enough to decide our future.  Thoughts are energy vibrations. To manifest something to our reality whether positive or negative it requires consistent thoughts and belief of that particular subject. What we think and believe is what we see and get in life. A person who believes that something is impossible to achieve, would continue in not getting that thing as per his thought process. On the other hand if a person believes that it is very much possible to achieve something, will soon start seeing opportunities to convert his belief  to reality. As the opportunities start to present itself, the person starts taking action as per his intention and desire to achieve it and thereby progress towards achieving their goal. 

Now how do scientists discover something new that they haven't seen before? This is where Visualization comes into picture. The scientists visualize what they want to achieve. The more they visualize their goals in minute details, the easier it would be for the mind to manifest it. This is the reason why it is said to develop a model or prototype of a product before starting with the implementation of the actual product. The model gives a better picture of what is going to be developed. The mind becomes clear on what is to be achieved and looks for effective ways to convert that model into a physical reality. 

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  1. Visualization is powerful for making things happen.

  2. This is amazing i never looked at it this way. Wonderful writing
    Deepika Sharma

  3. I have been reading a lot about visualization. A wonderful read

  4. This is a wonderful read. Yes our thoughts decide our actions. It’s better to think positive and maintain distance from negative thoughts.

  5. HUman mind is powerful. Great post.


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