Friday, 30 April 2021

The Power of Intention

By banishing doubt and trusting your intuitive feelings, you clear a space for the power of intention to flow through.                                                       

                                                                                                                                   Wayne Dyer

Our intention creates our reality                                                                      

                                                                                                                                   Wayne Dyer

We have seen how powerful thoughts are. Thoughts have the power to affect your body and mind in a positive as well as in a negative manner. If you would like to achieve something in life, you need to focus on that particular subject with undivided attention and a strong intention. Focus is the key here. Where our focus and intention goes, that particular area is said to energize and expand. 

Let us look at few examples where the power of focus an intention works very surprisingly :

1. Palm growth technique :

  • Keep both of you palms together at equal heights. Make sure the heart line of both the palms touch each other at the same point.
  • Now close both your palms together with fingers pointing upwards in a Namaste position.
  • Observe the height of both your palms and choose the hand which is the smallest.
  • Now focus on the chosen palm and say 'Grow Now' around 3 times. 
  • Now close your palms once again at the same Heart line point.
  • You would now observe that the smallest palm which you had chosen has now become the bigger than the other palm. That means after giving the focus, intention and affirmation for 3 times your smaller palm has now become bigger. Amazing isn't it ? Try this exercise at home and let me know your comments.

2. Relieving Shoulder pain :

In this exercise you would be relieving your shoulder pain using the power of your mind. This exercise need not work for everyone. For an Energy healer or a person who has studied Reiki or Pranic Healing, this technique works very well. For others it may or may not work. 

Suppose you have any pain in your body, let us say a shoulder pain. Here you can visualize in your mind the Cosmic energy in the form of Violet, Golden or White light coming from the top and getting focused at your pain area. Visualize this energy getting concentrated at that pain area and healing it. Just hold onto this intention for around 10 to 15 minutes. 

You would observe that your pain has vanished and you would be feeling better now. 

This shows that when you focus on something there is an energy flow that is getting directed at that area. While doing this exercise, keep your intentions pure, have a smile in your face and also express gratitude and thankfulness to God for helping you to achieve your power of focus and intention the way you want it to be.

The power of mind, focus and intention is very powerful indeed. Make sure you use it for a good purpose and a good intention. 

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Thursday, 29 April 2021

How to cure Stammering

Stammering is a speech disorder and the inability to speak a word or a sentence in a proper manner. Stammering can be described as blockages or hindrances in the speech of a person resulting long pauses or repetitions of certain syllables etc. 

Stammering is mainly a psychological issue which happens due to lack of confidence, inferiority complex, worry, anxiety, fear, unsecured and unstable feelings. It is not a physical problem. 

Sometimes when you talk to yourself or to your family members you don't stammer. However when you go out and meet unfamiliar people you start to stammer. 

The below are some of the steps that can be practiced to overcome stammering :

  • Choose a topic and speak in front of the mirror. Notice how well you are speaking. Look yourself at the mirror. Observe how relaxed your whole face is while you are speaking. This actually signifies that you are actually a fluent speaker.

  • Before you go out to speak to a person, do a mind rehearsal for few times. Think about the topic that you would be speaking about. Collect all necessary information related to that topic. This increases your confidence when you go to speak.

  • Practice Wayne Cook Posture exercises on a daily basis. Do other forms of exercises and also Yoga.

  • If you practice Reiki, then apply Reiki on your Throat Chakra and visualize the Cosmic Energy flowing to your throat Chakra and healing it.

  • If you don't practice Reiki, then just do a Prayer or Meditation to God and visualize receiving the blessings of God in the form of Cosmic Energy. Visualize this Cosmic energy coming down slowly to your Throat Chakra and cleansing, healing and energizing it.

  • Never feel inferior in front of the person you are talking to. Remember all great people were once ordinary people who had seen many failures and setbacks in their life. They had to work very hard to reach to the top. 

  • Be very patient with your progress. Realize that this problem of yours will certainly be resolved. It is only a matter of time.

  • Before you speak take few deep breaths. This helps you to relax yourself before you make your point. Practice deep breathing exercises like Bhastrika regularly to keep you relaxed. Practice Anulom Vilom Pranayama which is an Alternate nostril breathing exercise to balance both sides of your brain.

  • Practice Ujjayi Pranayama which is a deep breathing exercise done through the throat. You do this by closing your mouth and constricting your throat thereby creating a friction sound at the throat during deep inhalation. 

  • Always try your best to talk slowly, softly and with full of confidence and a smile. Remember that this is just a psychological issue. If you master your mind, thoughts and emotions then you will surely be able to overcome this issue.

  • Don't worry about what others will think when you stammer in your speech. Don't misunderstand that they are happy that you are faltering and would make fun of you. The fact of the matter is that others are sympathizing with you and hoping that your speech issues would be resolved soon.

  • Always affirm to yourself that you are talking very confidently, clearly and fluently.

  • Be Mindful of your thoughts and never invite any feelings of fear, worry, depression or desperation to your mind.

  • Apply the Law of Attraction and affirm to yourself that You are very happy and thankful that you are speaking very fluently. Visualize achieving the end result of yourself becoming a fluent speaker and speaking confidently among the public. Visualize the happiness, enthusiasm and gratitude feelings that you are vibrating with.

  • Try to make yourself happy and cheerful always by engaging in interesting activities or hobbies.

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Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Positive thoughts for Working Professionals

“You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles.” —Zig Ziglar, Motivational speaker

Work life balance is a big concern for many people nowadays. Having a happy and a peaceful life with family members is a lucky thing for many people. At the same time doing well in their jobs, getting good promotions and recognition is also essential for many people to grow up in their career ladder and thereby to earn a good salary for a contended life.

How can you balance both life and work together successfully? What are the steps to be taken to have a peaceful life at home and at the office? How can you overcome the pressure at your workplace? These are some of the questions that most people have. 

Let us discuss some of these issues and see what steps can be taken to overcome them :

  • Strict deadlines at work : There are times when we face strict deadlines at work to complete our deliverables. We may be asked to complete a deliverable in half the amount of actual time that it would really take. 
            Solution :
    • Foresee the work or challenges before hand. Many times we would be knowing about a major work coming our way before hand. So it's better to be prepared for that situation before hand. If you had mentally prepared for that situation before hand then during the actual situation things would have been relatively easy.

    • Divide the given task into many sub tasks. Take up these sub tasks based on the priority and importance. If there is a possibility to delegate the unimportant and less familiar sub tasks to someone else then it's all the more better. 

    • Before taking up a task get to know more about this task. Talk to people who have worked on this before. Understand the business importance of these tasks. 

    • Affirm and Visualize in your mind that you have successfully delivered these tasks and your Manager and Customer appreciating you for this. 

    • Never worry or get tensed. It only worsens the situation. Believe in your abilities and capabilities. Say to yourself that you have faced many bigger challenges in your life and you have come out successful in those challenges many times. 

  • Fear of losing job : 
            Solution :
    • Always keep a backup option in your mind. Don't take anything for granted. Develop your skills in the background while you are still working with a company. This can help yourself as well as the company if you are improving your skills and capabilities. 
    • Never fear. It only makes matters worse. It affects your current performance. It would then also make your exit process with your current company more fast. So why do you need to invite that ? 
    • Rather than fear of losing job, focus on gaining some knowledge and experience from your present company. Make your experience in your present company a worthwhile experience for you so that some years down the line when you look back at this experience you can say to yourself that you have gained atleast this one particular experience.

  • Lack of Promotion, Salary Hike and Rewards :
           Solution :

    • Focus on doing well in your work. Be patient. Keep studying and preparing in parallel. If you are not planning to leave the company for better opportunities, then be patient. Surely your hardwork, commitment and responsibility will be taken to notice. It is all just a matter of time. Just think about it. Do you feel more satisfied by getting your reward easily without putting any effort or do you feel more satisfied when you receive your reward after putting days and months of hard and intelligent work? Many of you would surely prefer the second option. So just concentrate of learning and giving your best always. Results will surely follow.

  • Strenuous job affecting health :
            Solution : 
    • Make sure you exercise on a daily basis just before you begin your work. Even 10 minutes of exercise would help you a lot. 
    • Take breaks in between and go for a walk or just stretch yourself.
    • Be Mindful of your thoughts and avoid any form of negative thoughts that can go against your progress in work or your health.
    • Make friends at your workplace. Go for team lunch and for tea with your teammates.
    • Improve your social contacts and get to know people who work on similar skills and technologies like you.

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Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Steering through Pandemic times


The present pandemic situation was totally unprecedented and unpredictable. We had to sadly witness the deaths of many innocent people from different walks of life. The message sent by the nature is straight and simple. It is the time for the survival of the fittest. Those who cannot look after themselves or doesn't know how to survive during these crucial times can get left behind. It is our responsibility to take the responsibility of our health and do whatever is necessary to see through these testing times.

As mentioned before, Human beings are energy beings. Our day to day activities, our achievements, our future, our health, our happiness etc is all determined by how our energy body vibrates. Vibrations consist of 2 types of frequencies - Higher and Lower frequencies. Higher frequencies include feelings like love, peace, joy, happiness, gratitude, courage etc. On the other hand, lower frequencies include feelings like worry, anxiety, fear, anger, guilt, shame etc.

Diseases occur when a person consistently vibrates in lower frequencies. This is when the external agents like bacteria, virus etc take control of the immune system. There is a particular lower range of frequency where these external agents can invade our body. A person who is always vibrating positively with feelings of happiness, peace and joy will not get affected by these external agents. Once these external agents somehow manage to enter the human body then the person's lower vibrations of fear and worry only helps these agents to multiply further. This is the reason why during these Pandemic times it is always necessary to be positive and fearless.

Holistic Techniques that can help you during this time: 

As I had mentioned, when there are blockages of energy flow in the human body then there is a chance of health issues arising. To avoid that and to maintain free flow of energy throughout the body, you can involve in some indoor or outdoor sports that brings joy to yourself. You can also keep in touch and have healthy conversations with your family, relatives and close friends. Following a new skill or a passion is another way to keep you engaged and motivated. Apart from that, there are certain holistic techniques that can help a lot during these times. Some of these valuable techniques are Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Reiki, Mindfulness, Law of Attraction, Subconscious Mind Reprogramming, Affirmation, Visualization, Grounding, Gratitude and Forgiveness etc. These techniques ensures that there is proper energy flow in the human body and there are no energetic blocks. To know more about these techniques you can refer my book called Unlimited Energy which is published in Amazon and Notionpress.

Techniques like Reiki and Meditation helps to channelize the God given Cosmic Energy from the Universe to our body for healing purposes. Yoga ensures the flexibility of the body and the spine. Once the body is aligned and balanced through Yoga then the flow of energy becomes smooth through our body and the Chakras. Chakras are the energy points within our body. There are 7 main Chakras and each Chakra has their significance in terms of health, abundance and prosperity. Pranayama or the life force, has multiple benefits. Some of them are to balance the left and the right brain. Pranayama also ensures the regular supply of oxygen throughout the body and the Nadis so that the body is always healthy and active. Nadis are the energy channels of the human body. Law of Attraction helps us to attract whatever we desire to our lives. Our goals and desire maybe be of a particular frequency. Law of Attraction helps us to vibrate at that particular feeling so as to get closer and closer to our desired goal.

When there is proper alignment of the human body to receive the energies from the Universe that is when Manifestation of dreams, desires and goals happen. Even a small thought of fear, anger and worry has the power to bring drastic changes to your body chemistry. So be careful to be Mindful of your thoughts. Just realize that you are a powerful being. Believe in your abilities. There are great things that you have already done in your life. Cherish those great moments, love yourself and show gratitude to the Supreme Almighty.

As responsible citizens of this blessed country, let us continue to follow all the protocols suggested by the Govt agencies and make sure we educate and spread the message of positivity, peace, love, happiness etc. Let us always remember to wear a mask and maintain social distancing when we are outside. Maintaining health hygiene by washing our hands and face regularly is also essential. Let us avoid negative news and discussions that can bring our emotions down. Helping others mentally, emotionally and physically is essential during these times. The world needs people like us to serve them. Let us lend our helping hand and serve those in real need of help.

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Monday, 26 April 2021

The Human Body - As per Science and Spirituality

Human Beings are a wonderful creation of God. The structure of a Human body itself is very complex and complicated. We just have to say that the design of a Human body is indeed a wonderful creation of God. We can describe a Human body in the following ways :

  • Scientifically : At a scientific level the human body consists of organs. These organs are made up of tissues. The 5 senses are controlled by the brain which is the most important organ of the human body. Then there is also the heart which is the circulatory system working to pump the blood throughout the body. There are many other important organs like lungs, stomach, kidney, liver, intestines etc and each play their role in keeping the human body up and running. 

  • Energetically : We Human beings are energetic beings since the organs and tissues are finally made up of atoms. These atoms consists of 99% of blank space which is actually the electromagnetic energy of fast moving electrons. Only the remaining 1% of an atom is matter. So by this we can conclude that a human body consist of 99% of energy and only 1% of matter. Also the human body vibrates at different energy frequencies at different times. The success, health and happiness of a person is determined by the frequency with which he vibrates with. When a person consistently vibrates with lower energy frequencies of fear, worry, anxiety, anger, shame, guilt etc then there is chance that he can get affect by some disease. At the same time, if the person consistently vibrates with positive energy frequencies of love, happiness, peace, gratitude etc then he would surely achieve success in whatever things he do in life. Apart from the energy frequencies, we also have a covering of energy layer around our body which is called Pranashakthi and another layer of energy called Aura. It is said that the Aura also consist of vast amounts of information related to our health, past experiences etc. So energetically speaking there is lot of things even beyond the human body.

  • Spiritually : We are all Spiritual beings having a human experience in this material life. Our material body interacts with the material world through the 5 senses. Beyond the 5 senses there is also a concept called mind which is a storehouse of all the information which is past or present. The self or the soul just acts as a witness to the activities of the mind and the senses. Once the body, mind and the senses interact with the material world there are chances it gets attached to this world and forget its true spiritual self. Through Spiritual practices like Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation etc the human being is able to get closer and closer to its spiritual self.  The self is also able to expand its consciousness and also tap into the higher consciousness for wisdom and knowledge. So as per spirituality we are not just the body or the mind but a much higher power called the soul or the Atma which is indestructible.

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Saturday, 24 April 2021

Mental space for Happiness

Mental space is an imaginary Personal space that gives you a feeling of being in that actual space. In this virtual world, you can imagine yourself being in any place of your interest and interact with this environment. This place can be a garden, a beach, a lake side, a football ground, a street etc.

Let us now do a Mental space exercise. In this exercise I would be choosing the beach.

  • Keep yourself relaxed by sitting in a chair or by lying on a bed. 
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take few deep breaths. 
  • Now start to Visualize yourself driving to the beach on a sunny day. 
  • Observe the excitement on your face as you drive to the beach. 
  • As you reach the beach, you park your car in a free space.
  • Now remove your shoes and slowly get out of the car and take a fresh breath. Feel the sunshine and express a sense of gratitude to God.
  • Now walk towards the sea shore. 
  • As you walk, feel the hot sand below your feet and the happy feeling that it triggers in yourself. 
  • Observe the waves coming towards you.
  • Observe small crabs running here and there in the shore and look at them with interest and a smile on your face. 
  • Notice the trail the waves creates after  it recedes back.
  • Now feel the waves touching your feet
  • Experience your feet getting dipped in the wet sand. 
  • With you palms take a handful of water.
  • Express a sense of gratitude to God. 
  • If possible rub the water all over your hands and arms.
  • Sea water is said to have lot of medicinal properties. So taking a bath in the sea once in a while is very good for your health. 
  • Now get into the water and enjoy the waves splashing all over your body.
  • Spend some time enjoying and relaxing in the water. 
  • Observe youself smiling, laughing and excited. 
  • If possible take a dip in the water. 
  • Try to walk in the sea and enjoy the effort of maintaining balance in the waves. 
  • Observe the water covering all of your body. 
  • Imagine the water removing all your negativity and bringing a fresh happiness to your life.
  • Here is the place where you can observe 3 different sources of visible energy - Sun, Sea, Earth. Say a prayer of gratitude to these visible sources of energy and ask for peace, happiness, prosperity and abundance to your life and for everyone else in this world. 
  • Once you are done, say thanks to this wonderful time that you had and make your way back to your home safely. 
  • That is the end of the Mental space exercise. You may slowly open your eyes now. 
Hope all of you had enjoyed this Mental space exercise. This exercise can give you some moments of happiness to your life. It can also help you to mentally prepare for a particular scenario in life.

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Thursday, 22 April 2021

Stop that Stress

Stress is a state of the mind that affects a person in a negative manner. Sometimes due to heavy workload, relationship issues, unsuccessful life, psychological problems etc there can arise feelings of sadness, worry, fear etc in the person. Consistent vibration of these negative emotions can finally lead the person to stress. Stress need not affect different people the same way. Some people find it difficult to cope up with stress whereas some others can easily manage and eliminate stress from their lives. 

Let us look at some of the ways to overcome stress :

  • Be passionate about what you do : Love the work or task that you do. If you consider your work as your hobby or passion then there wouldn't be any stress for you at work. For those who do not like their job and find it challenging it is always good to maintain a hobby every day for sometime. This hobby can be reading, writing, playing a sport, watching TV etc. 

  • Maintain a good pool of friends : Sometimes during those stressful times, it is those close friends who play a major role in bringing you back to your lively moments. Always be in touch with your friends, relatives and your family members. Talking to them helps to reduce the stress from your mind. 

  • Practice Exercises and Yoga : Regular exercise and Yoga helps to eliminate blocks and maintain the energy flow in the body. This also helps to reduce stress. 

  • Practice Pranayama or Deep breathing : Pranayama exercises like Bhastrika, Anulom Vilom helps maintain the flow of Prana in the body and also activates both sides of the brain.   
  • Exercise (Deep Breathing): A small exercise that can be practiced is to sit in a chair with your back straight. Now take a deep breath and visualize the inhalation of the Cosmic Energy. After that hold your breath for 1 minute or so. Now visualize this Cosmic Energy cleansing your body and Chakras and collecting all the negative energy in the form of black color. Now exhale out completely and visualize the negative energy flowing outwards. Once you try this  exercise for 2-3 times, you would observe that you had become very relaxed.

  • Practice Meditation : Regular practice of Meditation helps to remove unwanted thoughts from your mind. It helps you to relax yourself. It helps you to be more focused and relaxed and thereby helps you to focus on your work in a better way. Meditation by Chanting also heals your body and removes stress, weakness, pain etc from your body. 

  • Play some Indoor or Outdoor games : Playing some sport is the best way to destress yourself. In between your working hours if you get any opportunity to play in between, it would definitely become a stress buster and would motivate you with energy once you are back to work.

  • Try out some new interesting activities : Do some reading, writing, walking, running activities that keep you motivated and happy always. Try out some new activities which you had thought of doing in your mind for a long time but didn't get a chance as yet. 

  • Practice effective Affirmations : What you ask for, you receive. If you keep complaining that there is lot of stress in your life then that is what the Universe gives you. You get what you believe. The subconscious mind stores those thoughts that you believe and feel is true. Instead try to affirm to yourself that you have the talent and the capability to manage your work with ease. Another one is I love giving my best in the tasks that I am assigned with. Try to create Affirmations based on what your really desire and want in your life. By doing so the Universe gives what you asked for. 

  • Have a good sleep : Try to maintain good sleep everyday so that your mind and body is relaxed always. Know how much hours is required for your body to have a good sleep. When you wake up fresh in the morning you would be able to do your tasks much better. 

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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Effect of thoughts and feelings towards the Subconscious mind


The Human mind consists of mainly 2 parts - Conscious and the Subconscious. We use our Conscious mind for our daily activities. The subconscious mind on the other hand is a powerful storehouse of information. However, most of the people don't use the Power of their subconscious mind knowingly.

The Subconscious mind cannot distinguish between a true and a false statement. Whatever thoughts the conscious mind feeds to it, the subconscious accepts it as true and starts to work upon them. 

Remember the first time you tried to drive a bicycle ? Initially you must have found it difficult to maintain the control and balance. Since there was no existing neural pathway created in the brain for riding a bicycle, your mind found it difficult initially. However, after days and months of practice you become more and more better at it. You then find it so very easy to ride a bicycle that you start feeling that you can even ride it in a relaxed mode. So what happens here is that, many days of practice creates a new neural pathway in the brain which creates a strong impression in the subconscious mind. Later, after many years, when you reach the same situation of riding a bicycle, your subconscious mind picks up the previous incidents that are related to that incident and you would find yourself easily able to ride a bicycle.

To train our subconscious mind we generally use Affirmations and Visualization. Our ability to construct Affirmations in a correct manner helps us to achieve the things that we desire. Visualization is another powerful way to train our Subconscious Mind. 

Thoughts and emotions play a very major role in making the best use of our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind responds to feelings and emotions faster than words as language is not mandatory while training the subconscious. When you add emotions to your Affirmations, it becomes all the more powerful. Emotions has the power to directly affect the Subconscious Mind. So it is always necessary to maintain positive emotions. Gratitude is also a very powerful positive emotion that needs to be used in the Affirmation statements.

Some of the Affirmations with positive emotions that you can use to train your subconscious mind are :

  • I am glad and grateful that my health is very good.

  • I feel happy, I feel cheerful and I feel fantastic.

  •  I thank God for blessing me with a loving family.

  • I thank the Universe for blessing me with abundance and prosperity.

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Mirror Technique

Mirror technique is a method by which a person chooses a topic and speaks in front of the mirror on that particular topic so as to gain confidence and practice. Mirror technique is a very useful technique to boost your confidence, will power, self love, self acceptance, health etc.

Everyday it is good if we can reserve 5-10 minutes of our time for mirror practice. Let us see some of the ways by which we can apply Mirror technique to our lives :

  • Speech preparation : Before we deliver an actual speech in front of the public, it is good that we practice mirror technique to check our knowledge, gain some practice and watch our delivery of speech.

  • Self love : It is necessary that the first person that we need to love in this world is we our self. Before we love our family members, relatives, friends and the society it is essential that we love our self and keep ourselves in very good health so that we can then play an important role in helping others. Some of the affirmations we can say in the front of the mirror are :

    • I'm proud of myself for performing well and winning the competition.

    • I'm thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful family, relatives and friends. 

    • I'm thankful to God for helping me realize my true potential and talent.

    • I admire my looks, skills and talent. 

    • I'm very happy that I am able to control my mind and thoughts etc. 

    • I'm very happy that I am able to manage all my work very easily.

    • I'm very happy and proud of myself that I'm able to communicate in a fluent and a confident manner.

  • Health : This many sound curious to you but yes, Mirror technique does help in even curing your diseases. By constructing specific affirmation statements that is in present tense and without any negative keyword is essential. It is good to repeat these affirmations everyday. By repeating them regularly and believing in them, every cell in the body works towards that particular belief. After some days or months you would see your health improving positively as you wanted to. 

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Monday, 19 April 2021

How to improve your Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the art of asking questions, analyzing the answers, thinking quickly, making quick decisions and coming up with a solution at the earliest. When you get some opinions related to a particular topic, you go through these opinions in an unbiased manner. Ask yourself questions like What, Where, When, Why, How etc. You then analyze the reasoning behind each opinion and select the best opinion according to your knowledge and viewpoint. 

Nowadays Critical thinking is becoming an essential component in every person's life. Whether a person is into a professional job, a business or even a student, Critical thinking is needed to excel in all spheres of life. Making the right decision at the right time determines how well you progress in your life. 

A person can improve his Critical thinking in the following ways :

  • Being patient.

  • Improving listening skills and becoming a good listener.

  • Being relaxed.

  • Researching more on the subject by reading more books, documents and watching videos and talks related to the subject. 

  • Showing interest to the task in hand. 

  • Asking relevant questions to get the right answers. 

  • Prioritizing the tasks by using various decision matrix tools. 

  • Improving logical abilities by regular practice of logical exercises. 

  • Improving aptitude by regular practice of aptitude skills. 

  • Improving analyzing abilities by referring to opinions, feedback, reports, metrics etc and understanding them. 

  • Taking more responsibilities and ownership so as to gain valuable experiences in crucial situations. 

  • Taking quick decisions by being calm, focused, confident and observant. 

  • Eliminating any form of partiality or bias when taking a decision.

  • Practice Exercises / Yoga / Pranayama / Meditation so as to maintain the energy flow throughout the body. It also reduces stress, improves intuitivity, focus, concentration, confidence etc. 

  • Have good amount of sleep everyday to keep your mind fresh and healthy. 

  • Have healthy foods rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, pulses. Have enough quantities of water on a regular basis to improve the thought process.

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Essential Thoughts

Thoughts form the basic fuel to our daily life. The quality of our thoughts in our present moment determines the kind of a person we would be in our future. 

Let us look at some essential thoughts that we need to remind ourselves everyday :

  • Every day is a new day.

  • Each day presents to us whole new range of opportunities.

  • What were your skills and talent till yesterday has nothing to do with how you well would perform today. That means even a bad performer till yesterday can start fresh today and become successful. 

  • Your today is determined by the thoughts and emotions you carried till yesterday.

  • Your tomorrow and your future is determined by the thoughts you carry in your present moment. So live your present moment in a positive manner. 

  • Most of the great personalities in this world became successful only after their 50s. So there is always a ray of hope whatever be your age.

  • Avoid reacting negatively to other people. When you react negatively to a person, you hurt not only that person but also yourself. So why should you hurt yourself ? 

  • The science you learnt in school is not the only science. There is a lot more to science when you keep exploring your inner self. 

  • As long as I have a good control over my breath and mind then there is no way I'm going to invite negative feelings like anger, fear, worry, sadness, stress, guilt, shame etc. 

  • All diseases and health issues originate from the mind and thoughts of a person. Have a good control over your mind and thoughts and thereby enjoy a happy and a healthy life.

  • You don't need any achievement to make yourself realize that you are great. You are already great and you know it very well.

  • The greatest person I trust and look forward to is me myself.

  • I open my arms to happiness, abundance and prosperity.

  • I thank God for all the great and wonderful things that he has blessed me with.

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Saturday, 17 April 2021

Brain vs Computers

As you all know, brain is a complex and a sophisticated organ in the human body. How the brain works and how thoughts are generated is still a mystery to many scientists. 

Computers, Applications and Programs on the other hand are programmed the way a user needs them. If programmed correctly a computer performs the tasks as expected with almost no errors or mistakes. 

Human brain on the other hand does make mistakes when given certain tasks and you may not expect a 100% accuracy of results from the human brain. 

However the main highlight of the human brain is the ability to process information. 
Suppose you would like to retrieve the information of a customer from the database. A software can fetch the complete details of the customer based on the data stored in the database. Apart from that, the data can also be retrieved from many other structured and unstructured sources like say from social media. By making use of these data, a computer can retrieve all the information of a customer only based on how those information is stored in various system. Information such as what is the current interest, desire, goals, objectives of the customer may not be available for a computer. 

Certain personal details of the customer regarding their mental and emotional status can only be achieved by direct human interaction. So in short, any task related to the creativity, emotional thinking, critical thinking, planning etc can be achieved better only by the human brain. Whereas when it comes to a fixed logical operation on huge volumes of data, the computer would be able to process and perform results in a very faster pace than even many humans put together.

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Friday, 16 April 2021

Visualization Practices for Everyday Life

In our previous blogs, we have seen how powerful Visualization is to achieve our goals and desires. In this blog we would be focussing on some specific areas in our day to day life where we can apply Visualization.

Some of them are given below :

  • Preparation for your work : Before you go for work, it is always good to Visualize how your day needs to be structured. You have to first think through your mind what are the tasks or activities that you would be doing today. After that for each of the task, visualize how you would be approaching it. Identify any problem area and visualize in your mind what would be the solution to overcome it. Once you spend sometime and do this Mental preparation exercise everyday before work, you would notice that you would be very confident and relaxed at your workplace and also you would be able to complete your tasks in an efficient manner.

  • Preparation for a meeting : Suppose you are asked to deliver a presentation to your clients and higher management. In such a scenario, 1 or 2 days before the presentation, it is good to visualize and prepare in your mind how you would be presenting yourself in a simple and an understandable manner. You can visualize everyone in the meeting getting impressed with your ideas and suggestion. You would prepare and be ready with a backup plan in case something goes wrong. By following these steps it would help you to deliver your presentation with full of confidence, energy and enthusiasm.

  • Preparation for an Interview : We have seen and heard many people getting dipped in fear and tension when they hear the word Interview. Here you need to realize that maintaining such negative thoughts only makes you perform bad in the Interview. Is there any better way to approach an interview? Yes there is. Here again just 1 or 2 days before the interview just visualize yourself talking in front of the Interviewer in a calm, composed and a confident manner. You can also do a mirror exercise by speaking about certain topics related to your interview in front of the mirror. You can also visualize the Interviewer showing a happy face and appreciating your responses. By following these techniques you can easily overcome any form of fear or tension related to your interview. 

  • Preparation for an exam : Even before an exam it is always good to relax and avoid any form of fear or tension. The disadvantage of fear or tension in this case is that, it can make you forget some of the points that you had studied well before but just couldn't recollect it at the time of writing. By reserving some amount of time for Visualization would help you to become more confident on the exam day and would help you to recollect all that you have studied. If you feel that there is less time to devote for Visualization the day before exams, then you can also practice it at bed just before you go to sleep. 

  • Interaction with relatives, friends, neighbors : Just before you meet an important person, it is always good that you mind rehearse and visualize what all you need to discuss with that person. This helps you to recollect all the things you wish to ask them. The other person would also be happy and satisfied that he was able to spend some quality time with you. 

  • Learning a new skill : Many times you might have observed that learning a new skill is also dependent on how well you have programmed the steps in your mind. Let's take the example of a driving exam or the case of playing a piano. If you have repeatedly visualized the steps to be performed in your mind it helps you to perform very well in the actual situation than any person who hasn't done any mental preparation. 

The above are some of the areas in life where you can apply Visualization. If you would spend some time daily to apply these steps in your daily life then you are bound to perform well and succeed in every aspect of your life.

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Thursday, 15 April 2021

The Process of Thinking

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
― Albert Einstein

When the mind interacts with the environment through the 5 senses, it comes across certain external events. Each external event triggers a new thought in the mind. The mind responds to each new thought in a positive, neutral or a negative way. This thought then goes on to trigger a new emotion. This is the basic process of how a thought and emotion gets formed.

To explain it further, the senses of a person interacts with the environment either through see, hear, smell, taste and touch. As the person interacts with the environment a new thought gets formed. This thought at first gets registered in the conscious mind. After that this thought then gets stored to the Subconscious mind. Regular occurence or repetition of the same thought creates a stronger impression in the Subconscious mind. This is the reason why even after many years, a person doesn't forget how to read, write, ride a bicycle, drive a car etc after putting days and weeks of practice. After putting many days of consistent practice, this knowledge gets sharpened in the subconscious knowledge bank. Then after many years, when the person encounters the same incident, this knowledge can be retrieved from the subconscious knowledge bank.

Another feature of thoughts is that one or more thought can also be chained together as a group of thoughts. For example, suppose I get a new thought about my school. Suddenly this thought then gets related to other events related to my school like my classmates, the fun nostalgic moments at school etc. Chaining of multiple thoughts together is also a good way to recollect similar events based on date, location etc. 

Thinking is an focused activity that generates thoughts. When we focus and think on a particular topic, the subconscious mind tries to retrieve any previous experience related to that particular topic. Once this information is retrieved then the subsequent process of analysis, reasoning, rationalizing etc takes place in the mind. This triggers more thoughts related to the topic and so on. 

When we think, we need to make sure that we relax our self. It is only when we are relaxed, calm and composed our thinking process becomes very effective and of good quality. You may have observed many times then when you are stressed your thinking deteriorates and you lose focus on the topic in hand.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Steps to follow to Manifest your goals and desires

In the previous blog, we have seen how powerful Law of Attraction is to Manifest your goals and desires. We have also seen an example on how to apply it. In a similar way, Manifestation can be applied to any other area of your life. This can be for curing any disease, getting a job, doing well in your workplace, doing well in sports etc. The basic understanding is just that once you are vibrating consistently at a very high frequency of energy then you are likely to attract great things to your life. All the great things in life like happiness, peace, bliss, good health etc are of high frequency. So when we raise the frequencies of our body and mind we are actually vibrating, attracting and connecting with the higher frequencies of these great things and manifesting it to our lives.

Even though this process may sound simple, there are people who complain that they are not able to manifest their goals and desires in spite of following all the necessary steps. 

Let us look at some of the reasons why Law of Attraction doesn't work sometimes and what you can do to make it work :

  • Consistent Practice : When you practise Law of Attraction, make sure that you are regular with your Affirmations, Visualization and Journaling. Atleast 15-20 minutes of practice is good enough. 

  • The Art of letting it go : Once you are doing your daily practice, make sure you don't hold onto your manifesting thoughts all the time. Don't keep on worrying about the results. Certain thoughts like - "I am regularly practicing then why is it not working for me" should be avoided. 

  • Be Patient : While practising Law of Attraction make sure that you are patient and that you are continuing with your practise with belief on a daily basis. 

  • Letting go of self doubts : Once you start with your practice make sure that you do not have any self doubt on whether you would be able to achieve your goal or not. Once you start having any self doubt then Manifesting process would be reversed. 

  • Maintain positive vibrations : Once you have started with your practice, make sure that you are always vibrating with positive energy frequencies of Happiness, Love, Peace, Gratitude, Forgiveness etc. If you don't vibrate with higher frequencies then you wouldn't be able to vibrate, connect and attract with goals and objectives of higher frequencies. Just like the belief that people with the same frequency attract each other. Similarly to attract something of a higher frequency you need to raise your energy and vibrations to that level. 

  • Lack of Exercises/Yoga/Pranayama/Meditation : It is essential that you exercise on a daily basis. Exercises maintains the flow of energy in your body. Practice of Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation etc also helps your body to align with the energies of the Universe. This makes the manifestation process to happen soon. People who don't do regular exercises may find a delay in their manifestations.

  • Balance of Chakras : It is essential that your Chakras are balanced and there are no energetic blocks in any of your Chakras. By making sure that there are no energetic blocks, there is smooth flow of energy throughout the body, Nadis, Chakras etc. More importantly the Heart Chakra needs to be activated and energized so that manifestation happens. Activation of the Chakras can be done through Holistic techniques like Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Reiki etc.

  • Gratitude to God and the Universe : Always thank God for all the wonderful things that you are blessed with in your life. Expressing gratitude is a very good step to enhance positive vibrations within your mind and your body.

  • Avoid Negative thoughts : Avoid feelings of anger, fear, worry, anxiety, guilt and shame because these are the feelings that creates energetic blocks in your body and goes against your Manifestation process.

  • Avoid Negative Keywords : Make sure that you avoid negative keywords in your Affirmation statements. An example of a negative keyword in an Affirmation statement is - "I happy that I am free from the disease ABC". Here we are including the name of the disease in our Affirmation statement. By doing so the subconscious mind retrieves all information related to that keyword and may give the opposite results. So it's better to avoid such negative keywords.

  • Make it specific : Make your affirmations as specific as possible. Suppose your goal is to have a healthy stomach. In this case, avoid any Affirmation like - "I'm grateful to the Universe for making me so healthy". Rather make your Affirmation statement more specific like - "I'm grateful to the Universe that my stomach is very healthy and functioning smoothly".

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