Saturday, 30 April 2022

Save your Memories

Life is a wonderful gift given to us by God. As we proceed to do great things in life, it is also important to capture those moments in the form of images, videos or text.

Writing down your experiences as a blog or as a book is a wonderful way to maintain your memories. Even after many years your blog or your book would remain there in the Internet to be accessed by anyone. People would get to read your thoughts, ideas and values that you consider dear to you. Even after many years when you pick your own book to read you can be proud or happy with yourself for the kind of ideas that you shared previously.

Nowadays in this digital age it is easy to save your memories in wide variety of ways. Make sure that you make the best use of technology to store these valuable treasure of yours. 

Click pictures of your family members regularly and make an album out of it. Save it in digital as well as print form. Whenever you go for trips or vacations try to capture those moments regularly. Make sure that you also enjoy those moments when you connect with nature rather than just clicking pictures. 

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You are the Owner of your Self

When you get a gift from someone or when you purchase something valuable like a mobile or a laptop, you tend to give your good care and attention to it. You see to it that you maintain it well. Even when you buy some pets at home, you devote lot of your time to look after it's food habits and make sure that you provide your love, care and warmth to it. 

In a similar way, you are the owner of your inner self and only you can look after it much better than anyone else. When you were a child, you received love, compassion, support and care from your parents. They looked after you for many years. They gave you the best food, good toys, the best education they can afford and a lot more. They watched each and every step that you made. They encouraged and motivated you. As you grew, you learnt to become independent. You may had to leave your home for higher education or for job purposes. During this time it was upto you to look after yourself. You may have got good friends and colleagues during that time but they all would have been busy in their own world.

Know what is good for you and make sure that you take time to work on your own self. Try to be independent as far as possible when it comes to your health, life skills, professional skills etc. Whenever you get any opportunity to upgrade youself in these parameters make full use of it. Try to connect with the best mentors and people who can offer you the best life skills.

Professional skills is important to grow in your organization. However, life skills is more important to grow in your life and also to extend your career. Make sure that you cover some distance everyday. Be regular with your practice. When you look back for the last few months or for 1 year there should be lot of things which would make yourself proud. We normally remember those days when we worked hard to achieve something big. We don't remember those days when we slept for more hours. So make sure you do something great everytime. Something which you can be proud of. Something which would remain close to your heart. Something which stays in your subconscious mind for many years. Your mind should become a treasure trove of all the wonderful things in your life because you are the owner of your own self. You are the creator of your destiny. Be proud of it !!! 

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Be Ahead in the Race

We see competitions all around us. Be it in the workplace, society, friends, families etc. Even though there is love, support, sharing, collaboration among people, there is also fierce competition among them. Nobody would like to be left behind in the race that the world is heading.

In your world, always make sure that you are equipped with the best resources for yourself. If you see that there is a weak point in yourself, make sure that you work upon it and convert your weak point to a reasonable strength. Sometimes downfall in life happens during a weakness situation for a person. Make sure that your weakness don't stand exposed and make sure that you work upon it in the background. It is not necessary to highlight about your weakness to your friends. They do not ask for it. If they observe it then that is another thing. However you should know within yourself that this weakness is just temporary it is just a matter of time that it will be overcome.

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Mental state for Professionals

Getting a job as a Professional in a good company is a dream for most people. However, the job has its demands and expectations. It does invite heavy workload, stress and fatigue to some people. Let us look at some best practices to be followed while you work :

- Make sure that you don't get scared, upset or emotional when a difficult work is assigned to you. Consider it as a learning opportunity that comes in your path.

- Always try to relax when you see that the timeliness for getting the work completed is approaching soon. When you panic your mind doesn't function well and you tend to get stuck or narrow down in your thoughts. When you are relaxed, you get an enlarged vision of the task in hand.

- When you get a new task, spend some time to understand it, the business requirements, expectations and the people who has done this before.

- Try to create a network of friends who work in a similar area so that you can seek their advice in case you get stuck somewhere.

- Always believe in your mind that there are one or more solution to solve the task assigned to you. When you get stuck, believe that solution will definitely come to you soon.

- Sleep well, have good food. Maintain your thought pattern well.

- See good in your team mate's effort. Interact, collaborate with them.

- Always try to learn something new everyday. Try to be honest in your approach to solve a problem. Try to be practical as far as possible. 

- Be committed and passionate in your work. If you feel that your work is boring, try to involve in some passion in the background whenever you become free.

- Prioritize your work and take up the most important ones first.

- The best time to take up a task is right now. Never delay it for a later time if it's an important one. 

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Sow your seed of Inner Wellness

When we were children we were healthy and energetic. As we grow, we interact with the outside world. Our thoughts, emotions, needs and actions get transformed as per the situation and circumstances that life throws at us. During these times some people remain healthy whereas some people face some health conditions. Most of these health conditions arises either due to negative environmental conditions, improper food habits or due to negative vibratory emotions like fear, worry, anxiety, stress, anger, guilt, shame etc. It is said that most diseases are psychosomatic in nature. If a healthy person can become unhealthy, it is also very much possible to reverse health conditions and bring the person back to this previous state of well-being.

There are various Holistic practices that  help a person to be in good health always and also to cure them of certain health conditions. Some of these are :

- Self-Love
- Positive Self-talk
- Positive beliefs and mindset
- Exercises
- Yoga
- Pranayama
- Meditation
- Mindfulness
- Reiki
- Affirmation
- Visualization
- Gratitude
- Forgiveness
- Grounding
- Healthy Foods
- Intermittent Fasting

The person needs to know what works well for their body and make sure that they practise some of the above techniques on a regular basis. As they practice for many months or even years, they would see that their health is always in a positive direction. This can be confirmed when the person checks their health report.
The main idea is that the person should take the initiative and decide to spend around 1 hour everyday for the inner well-being. After that they need to be consistent in their practice and not leave it after some days. Sow your seed of Inner Wellness and watch your health going in the positive direction. 

Some of the above techniques are mentioned in my books :

Unlimited Energy :

The Power Of Thoughts and Visualization :

The Higher Vibration :

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Change from Within

As we live in this world, we interact with many people on a daily basis. Sometimes we get into arguments, misunderstandings and negative vibes. This affects our way of thinking and peace of mind. Sometimes we just hope that if others could change according to the way we want then life could have been a lot pleasant. 

We must realize the fact that each person thinks and acts as per their conscience. We have no control and are in no position to judge their conscience. What is in our control is our own self. Reflect the situations and circumstances that is bothering ourselves. Sometimes if we could raise our vibrations consistently with happiness, peace, joy, love, courage and eliminate feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, guilt then most of these problems could be addressed. 

Sometimes in our prayers or Affirmations we wish for an end to our problems or ask for less work or even ask for our daily task to be easier. However instead of looking for an easy solution if we could ask for ourselves to be more stronger, skillful, bolder, confident, courageous then a lot of things in life would start looking easier and lighter to us.

As we have seen, the change should happen within ourselves. This would help us to move forward in life with all positivity and higher vibrations. We would then start seeing our environment changing according to our expectations. 

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Attitude of Gratitude

Life is a wonderful gift given to us by God. In this life there are lot of valuable things that we are blessed with. Showing gratitude to all the things that we are blessed with in life is necessary.

We have to understand that all the great things in life like success, health, abundance and prosperity are forms of energy. To be blessed with these forms of energy regularly in our life, we need to be grateful and be in a state of Higher Vibration consistently.

When we show gratefulness to the things we are already blessed with then we continue to receive more blessings one after the other. Just take an example of 3 friends. The first person helps the second and the third person with their work. The second person thanks the first friend from his heart for his help and support. The third friend on the other hand takes the help for granted and doesn't convey any thanks. In this case, the Gratitude wish from the second friend raised the vibration level of the first person and gave him a sense of self-fulfillment and happiness. So the first person would love to support the second friend again in the future. Here I am not saying that the first friend would avoid helping the third friend going forward. However the connection between the first and the second friend would be more stronger if the same scenario gets repeated on multiple occasions. 

Humans have the problem of forgetting to count the blessings that they already have. They look for things that they don't have and once they get it, then take it for granted. Only once they lose the thing that they already have then they realize the value of it.

The fresh air that we breathe, the clean water that we get to drink, the healthy food that we get to eat are all blessings from God. There are many people in this world who are not lucky enough to receive these things properly in their life. So be grateful to God and thank God in your daily prayers. 

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Friday, 29 April 2022

Forgive, Forget and Move On

There can be situations in your life where some people may have hurt or cheated you. In such situations, it is good to confront that person and let him know about his mistake. However, once you have done everything from your part to let him know about his mistake and still the issue didn't get resolved, then it is wiser to forgive, forget and move on.

Inspite of all the greatness that is there within you, sometimes you feel stuck or get a feeling that things are not moving forward as per your expectations. This is due to  a stuck energy that is holding you back. It can be a situation with another person where he might have hurt you. So release that negative feeling from your mind. Sit quietly for few minutes and think in your mind about that person and say to him that I forgive you, I have no anger towards you, I wish you the best. On doing so you would slowly start to feel lighter and better. You would be in a better position to move on with your life with all positivity.

This may seem easier said than done. However just keep in mind that you are destined to achieve much bigger things in your life. In your pathway, there can be many hurdles that slow you down. It is upto you to identify them and avoid or release them. This will help to keep you back in track. 

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Are these really important?

When you are on a mission to fulfill your goals are these things really important?

- When you have joined a coaching program to pursue your goal you bother about missing out on a free resource shared by the mentor on a particular day when you were absent. You notice others have received it but you did not and you keep thinking about it. When your intention should have been for something big why do you want to bother about something small and insignificant?

- When you are set to publish your next book, you bother about another Author who published before you. Does it really matter if the other Author has published before you? What difference does it make? People would read and judge which book is better.

- When you are travelling by bus to a far off place for an admission to a course, you bother about not receiving the exact change from the conductor and make a big fuss about it. On doing so, you lose out on the opportunity to remain positive and sacrifice the advantage of a positive first impression.

- A new product has been released in the market. It is something that you were waiting for for many months. You and your friend decided to go and purchase but on different dates. Your friend receives a deduction of Rs 50. You didn't get any deduction when you purchased. Later when you came to know about the offer your friend received, your focus was solely on why you didn't get the offer rather than on the new product that you waited for long time to purchase. 
Whenever you are in pursuit of your goals and desires, make sure that your focus is on the target rather than  minor insignificant issues that come in between.

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Identify your Unlimited Potential

Many times we hear people say about someone that they are very talented but somehow they are not reaching to the position that they deserve to be. This is something common that we may seen in our daily lives. Let us look at the reasons why that particular person is not reaching to the heights that he should have reached.

Being in a shell

The person may have been very skillful and talented but due to the lack of his inner voice, self belief and self-talk, he may be stuck at the same position or falling behind. The external world of a person is a reflection of his inner voice. Inspite of all the skills and talent, if the person still continues to show lack in his statements like I do not deserve this, I'm not skillful enough, this task seems difficult for me to accomplish, I prefer sitting quietly and not take up difficult tasks etc then things would be very slow and less eventful.

Being in the company of negative-minded people 

Even if the person is skillful, talented and goal-oriented, the plans of the person can go haywire when he falls in the company of toxic people. There can be situations where the negative minded people can discourage, corrupt, embarras, harm or abuse the person. This can affect the thoughts and actions of the person. Coming out of this situation requires too much of courage and would not be easy.

Lack of the desire to succeed

Many times we have seen people procrastinate and give excuses for not taking up a challenge or an opportunity. The reason for this is the absence of willpower and determination to succeed. When the desire is not strong enough then people tend to relax and slow down in their approach. 

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Gift a good experience for your self

Each one of us are powerful in our own ways. Some realize it in early stages of their life whereas some others take many years to realize this. Since all of us have originated from the Higher power, there is greatness in each one of us. Let us look at ways by which one can bring about their hidden gem.

Experience holds the key
Many times we have come across situations in life where opportunities lie in front of us to be taken. The easier way to approach this for some is to ignore it and continue with their usual way of life. However, great people evaluate the opportunity that lie in front of them and take them up if they feel it would help them to move forward in their life. Every opportunity provides a new learning. One door can lead to another door. As we take up new tasks in our life and tread new pathways, that is when we gain new experiences. A person with an experience on something is considered valuable because he knows how to drive the things forward.

Find the right Mentor
To gain knowledge and experience in a quick way, it is good to network with people who has experienced it all. The path towards success would be very systematic and straightforward when we learn from an established master.

Network with Like-minded people 
Sometimes teamwork works better than individual brilliance. When multiple people share the same goal, then there would be exchange of thoughts, ideas, support and collaboration. The path towards the goal would be all the more interesting when there is collaboration. 

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Thursday, 28 April 2022

Inner Dimensions of Self

For a person, we have heard about 2 types of world - External and the Inner World. External world is the material world that we see, hear, smell, taste and feel with our senses. Nowadays most of the people are engaged in their external world because they believe that to achieve everything in their life they need to be always available and active in their external world. We can also see people reducing their sleep time and eating time just to gain more time for their activities in the external world. Let us also try to understand something about our Inner world. 

When a person practices certain Holistic techniques like Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation or Reiki, he connects to his inner self. Inner self or inner consciousness is very powerful indeed. The more we get closer to our inner self, the more we discover our abilities and capabilities. The inner consciousness also has the capability to tap into a higher consciousness when it is in a relaxed or a meditative state. When the inner self taps into a higher power, the person starts to get lot of ideas, thoughts, wisdom etc. It is said that our external world is a manifestation of our inner self. That means the kind of thoughts and belief that we maintain in our inner world has the power to get manifested to our external reality. 

Our Third Eye Chakra or the energy point between our eyebrows is set to be the interface with the Spiritual world. A person who meditates regularly is said to activate this Chakra. Activation of the Third Eye Chakra is said to bring in intuition, psychic abilities, awareness, wisdom, focus, concentration and relaxation.

Regular practice of Holistic techniques also helps a person to heal himself both physically and mentally. Practice of Pranayama is also said to increase the intake of oxygen, removal of the toxins from the body, activation of both sides of the brain, purifying every cell in the body and a lot more.

As the person continues with his inner wellness practices for many months or years, he would find the benefits of it in his personal life in terms of Health, Happiness, Relaxation, Abundance and Prosperity. The person would then be more aware and clear about the meaning of energy, frequency and vibrations. He would find that there is positivity all around him and he would also find lot of opportunities around him. 

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Relax Yourself with Self-Love

It is very common nowadays to find people very busy with their work and their life. As work and responsibilities increase, there can arise stress and tension in the lives of the people. Let us look at some ways by which once can relax themselves by practicing self love.

As the person starts to practice self love by affirming to himself the following statements :

- I love you. 
- You are such a wonderful person. 
- I feel happy, I feel cheerful and I feel relaxed.
- I believe in myself. 
- I trust my abilities.

The person would start to note that that he feels relaxed. When he feels relaxed, he would start feeling that his breath starts to slow down.

When life is fast and getting hectic, make it a point to take some break and practice self love. This would help to provide the much needed relaxation and happiness.

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Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Importance of Mindfulness during Self-Love

Self-Love is essential for the success of a person. If the person spends more time on his self, then he would notice that he starts seeing positive results. Just like the saying that our external world is a manifestation of our inner self, everything begins with the self. 

Mindfulness plays a key role in our life because only when we apply our mind to something we start focussing and doing well in it. Let us look at some of the ways by which Mindfulness would help in improving our Self-Love :

- Everyday, it is essential that we watch our thoughts. Since there are thousands of thoughts that come to our mind everyday, it is necessary that we filter them based on the priority and its importance. Being mindful helps a person to avoid unwanted thoughts that serve no purpose and focus on things that would help the person to achieve something in life. Mindful practices of Affirmation and Gratitude helps a person to promote self-love and happiness. 

- Being mindful of our actions helps us to think and bring out the best in us. Just like the saying, energy flows where the attention goes, if we are doing things mindfully we have a better chance to produce quality work within the given timeline. Good results automatically gives us self-fulfillment, happiness and Self-Love. 

- Being mindful while we eat or drink is also essential. As long as our body is healthy, it would be easy for us to take up physical and mental activities. If we really love our body and it's capabilities then we should be mindful in our eating process also. 

- Being mindful of our daily exercises is also very important. Sometimes we can get caught up in our daily tasks without bothering much about the time spent. In such cases we need to always reserve few minutes every day for our exercises. Exercises keep ourselves fit, energetic and help us to improve our focus, concentration and awareness. 

These were some of the ways that we can apply Mindfulness during Self-Love. If you really love yourself then you must try to become mindful in every activity that you do. On doing so, you would observe that the world slowly changes according to your expectations. 

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Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Positive Affirmations for Self-Love

Self-Love is an essential part of a person's life. Spending sometime for ourselves, talking to ourselves, motivating ourselves, relaxing ourselves are all powerful techniques that can help you to  give your best in every aspect of your life.

Let us look at some Positive Affirmations related to Self-Love that you can use in your daily life :

- I love myself
- I admire myself
- I am proud of myself
- I listen to my body
- I know I can
- I believe in myself
- I trust myself
- I am my favorite companion
- I admire my intelligence
- I admire my looks
- I get good ideas easily
- I am a healthy person
- I know exactly what I am doing
- I can easily make myself happy
- I have the ability to motivate myself easily
- I attract opportunities with ease
- I am loved by everyone
- My body, mind and soul are in perfect harmony
- I am moving in the right direction always
- I am blessed with abundance and prosperity
- I am a lovable and a friendly person
- I am blessed with loving and caring people

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Monday, 25 April 2022

Invest in your Skills

Each one of us are unique in our own ways. At the same time each one of us have the ability and the capability to achieve anything in our life. It is only the matter of discovering our interest and passion and applying our time and mind to it.

Bring about a better version
It is essential that we upgrade our knowledge and skills regularly so that we bring about a better version of ourselves everytime. If we truly love ourselves, then we must look for ways to provide the best experience for ourselves. Investing in our skills and passion is one of the ways to open up new pathways in our life. 

Make the wise decision
When it comes to investing our time and money for our skills and passion there should be no compromise on it. We shouldn't complain saying that the amount to be invested is too high and that you prefer to invest that money only on entertainment. Some people hesitate to spend Rs 2000 for a valuable course but do not hesitate to spend the same amount for food, movies and shopping in a shopping mall visit. This valuable course could open up new channels in your life which would benefit you in the long run.

Is it too late? 
There is no reasoning to the statement that it is too late for me to think about it now. I personally know some people who became Authors in their 70s. When I enquired with them, they said they have a feeling a self-fulfillment now and say that they should have taken up this role a lot earlier in their life. So nothing is too late in life. If you have a dream or a passion then you must start working on that immediately. Don't wait for tomorrow for the things that you can do today. Once you start thinking and working on something, you would observe that you would be getting more opportunities and ideas related to the given subject. The Universe starts gifting you with chances and opportunities. Your world starts expanding and you being to open up in your thoughts, vibrations and happiness. 

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Sunday, 24 April 2022

Serve Self to Serve Others

During our school days we may have come across the popular belief to think and serve the society first and only then think about our own self. Even nowadays there are debates about being more nationalistic in our approach. There is nothing wrong with thinking or serving our society. But this should not come at the expense of disregarding our own self.

Let us look at the following scenarios to understand more on this :

- In a poor family, suppose the son or the daughter of the parents goes on to get a good job, this would help the whole family to improve their standard of living. So here the success of 1 person in the family can ensure the quality of life of the remaining 3 or 4 members in the family.

- In a family, suppose the bread winner is only the husband. Then in this case as long as the husband is healthy and active, he would ensure that the family survives happily.

- A healthy person could have a career of upto 55-60 years. On the other hand, a person who doesn't look after his health could have a short career due to poor health. Longer the career of a person, longer would be the opportunity for him to serve his family members. 

In the above scenarios, we have seen that the dependency of the family towards a particular person in the family might be more. Similarly the bread winner of the family would be depending on the parents for his daily food, love, compassion etc. So there could always be interdependencies between people of the same family. This is the reason why everyone needs to look after themselves first so that they would be available to look after others. 

It all begins with Self-Love. One positive person in the family has the ability to spread positivity among the remaining members of the family. Serving self and the family would in turn help to serve the society and the nation. If everyone follows the same approach, then we would be having a happy nation. So it is essential to give first priority to our own self and only then to our family and other members of the society. 

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Saturday, 23 April 2022

Help of Experts and Introduction to Eplimo

Successful people take the help of experts before they venture out into something big.

Let us look at some examples in our day-to-day life to know more about this :

- During legal cases, most people consult the legal services and advice of a lawyer.

- Before taking up a career I have seen some people approach a career counselor to get some ideas on the best career options based on their interest and skill.

- Before joining a company, I have seen many of my friends including myself enquiring about the company with other people who has some acquaintance with that company.

- Before investing our hard-earned money into some secure and stable investment options, we normally take the advice of financial experts who provides us lot of suggestions on short term and long term options.

- Even for most of the Hindu marriages, I have seen parents take the consultation of astrologers to check the horoscopes of the bride and bridegroom to-be to check the match-making. 

- When it comes to our health, how many of us take the help of a health expert? I have seen many people approach a doctor when they face a health condition. Now the question is, why do we approach a health expert, in this case a doctor, only when we face a health condition? Wouldn't it be a great idea if we had a complete personalized health information on our fingertips? 

Just like our ID cards or Visitor cards which provide basic details about ourself, wouldn't it be a great idea if we have a comprehensive personalized report in our hands which would assist the doctors to know more about our health? 

Well the good news is that there is an Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification Test called Eplimo that provides a complete health report of a person based on his genetic and metabolic assessment. This report covers details of 200+ health parameters including details about what food, exercises and medicines are suitable for a person based on his genetic type and also by a metabolic assesment. The person can also avail free consultation services of doctors, genetic counsellers and other health experts. 

To know more about this assessment please check out the link below :

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Friday, 22 April 2022

Let us celebrate Earth Day

On this Earth day, let us thank Mother Earth for blessing us with Happiness, Health, Abundance and Prosperity to our lives. 

Nature has provided us with abundant resources for our well-being. Let us understand and use them for our benefit.

The fresh air that we get to breathe, the clean water that we get to drink, the nutritional food that we get to eat are all wonderful gifts of nature. We need to thank wholeheartedly for these wonderful things that we are blessed with in our life. Never take these things for granted and avoid showing gratitude. 

Let us look at a Grounding exercise now :

- Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. 

- With folded hands express your prayers of gratitude and connectedness to Mother Earth. 

- Visualize receiving the blessings of Mother Earth by visualizing rays of light coming from the core of the earth and touching your body. 

- Now visualize this light of white/golden/purple color to spread across your Chakras and specific areas of your body. Chakras are the energy centres of your body. There are mainly 7 Chakras in our body. 

- Hold onto this Visualization for few minutes. This would help to heal your body and to cure specific health issues if any. 

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Thursday, 21 April 2022

Which among the following...

Which among the following is the most important thing in your life :

- Money
- Health
- Job
- Relationship

When given the choice to pick only one, most people would choose either money or job. This would be followed by relationship. Most of the time it would be health that people would oversee and take it for granted. 

The truth of the matter is that both money, job and relationship is closely dependent on health. 

Only if a person is healthy, he can continue to do his job for many years and earn money for himself and his family. If the health of the person is good, then the relationship also lasts long. 

There is a lot of difference in a quick career that spans for just 10 years when compared to a career that lasts for 40 years. 

If the health of a person is very good then a career of 40-50 years is very much possible. Slow and steady wins the race. A healthy body and mind helps to steady the life of a person considerably. 

Even at the retirement age, there are many people doing valuable things that earn them happiness, money and fame. 

So we need to give primary importance to our health always. This Pandemic has also taught us the same lesson. 

When it comes to health, we need to make the best use of technology, identify our body type and try to learn what food, exercises and medicines suits our body type. With technological advancements, the person now has the power to know more about his or her body and make the right decisions. 

Along with that, daily sessions on Exercises, Walking, Jogging, Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Outdoor games, Positive thinking all play a very important role in shaping our health on the positive side. 

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Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Ask Yourself these Questions Everyday

Life is wonderful gift given to us by God. In our book called life, there is always something new and different that we see, hear and learn everyday. Every new learning is like a new page and every chapter is like a new phase in life.

To make sure that we progress everyday in our life, it is always good that we monitor ourselves by asking ourselves few questions on a daily basis. The questions can vary according to individuals. You may ask youself these questions just before you go to bed. Remember to keep yourself happy just before you sleep. Never keep a feelings of unhappiness or regret before you doze off. Let us look at some questions that you can ask yourself everyday :

• What lessons did I learn today? Is it something new to me or is it something that I heard before?
• Did I make any progress today regarding my job, health, knowledge base, network, Happiness, Abundance etc?
• What are the tasks that I have accomplished today? 
• What are the high priority things that I need to take up first thing in the morning?
• Did I exercise today as per my routine?
• What are the additional things that I have done today that would increase my positivity. 
• How was my thought pattern today?
• What were the positive thoughts that came to my mind today?
• What were the negative thoughts that came to my mind today? 
• What were the great things that I have done today.
• Did I lose my temper today? If so how many times? Is the count better than yesterday or not?
• How was my interaction with my family, friends and colleagues today? Did I make any new friends or a new connection?
• Did I help anyone today?

The answers to some of these questions can be repeated. You may reduce the number of questions to 2 or 3 also according to your highest priority. Remember never to criticize yourself if things didn't go as per your plan on the given day. Asking yourself these questions atleast once in a day is good. Doing this activity 2-3 times a day would be highly beneficial. Maintaining a journal or a record to note down the day's activities and accomplishments is also a good practice. Sometimes during the day there could be some ideas or positive thoughts coming to your mind. It is good to note down these things as and when your receive them. Sometimes it is during the time of exercises or Meditation that you get these ideas that can change your lives for the better.

Your ideas and thoughts play a great role in deciding your future. Make the best use of these mental vibrations for your benefit. 

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Tuesday, 19 April 2022

In Search of a True Role Model

Nowadays we hear a common question being asked from various forums. The common question is - Who is your role model? When asked this question, many people have a ready-made answer of some of the great personalities that this world has seen. As an Indian, I commonly hear the names of Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekandanda or even Sachin Tendulkar. Each of these personalities are truly great. The life lessons that we get to learn from them are valuable indeed. 

It is always good to learn from the experience of successful people. The reason being, after many trials, research, exploration and realization, they have ready-made winning solutions with them that are tested and proved many times for different scenarios. In this digital-age common people have the advantage of collecting as many information as possible from the learning of these great people.

In our quest for role models and the learnings from them, we sometimes forget and fail to realize the greatness within our own self. Let me begin by asking few questions :

Do you believe that great people were born great?

Do you think that all great people were born from rich families and had all the resources required to become successful?

Do you think that all successful people were born as intelligent?

If the answers to the above questions are "No" then you would agree that it is not an impossible task to become a great personality. Each one of us have the potential, capability and the ability to become great anytime in our life. It is just a matter of time when such a situation would arise in our life when people would realize and admire our skills, talent and abilities. However, this situation is not as easy as it looks. In a classroom of 30 students, the abilities of a last-ranked student is no different to that of a first-ranked student. The only difference is that the first-ranked student has set his intentions clear on his goals and has put up considerable efforts for the same. More importantly, this student has set his belief, passion and hunger for his goals in the right direction. He knows his abilities and capabilities. He trusts himself more than anyone else. He listens to his inner voice. He would not waste much of his time, effort and intentions for anything that is futile or which does not serve any purpose. Just as the saying goes - Energy flows where the attention goes, when the person sets his mind on something that he deeply desires to achieve, then he would surely see positive changes happening towards his intentions.

So the next time when somebody asks you about your role model, look within yourself and proudly say your name. Realize that you have all the required qualities to become great. Take time to identify, appreciate, love and acknowledge yourself for all the great things you have done in the past. Your self deserves all the love and attention from you. Make sure that you spend enough time every day to nurture your skills and to rediscover your highest potential. 

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Monday, 18 April 2022

Have you forgotten to look after your Inner-Self?

Our inner-self is the greatest gift that we have received in our life. We can consider it as our true friend whose growth, wellness and happiness is totally decided by how well we nurture it. Many times we find that we forget to feed positivity to our inner-self and thereby land in unfavorable situations in life. Let us look at some examples in life where people normally forget to give importance to their inner self and thereby continue to pursue their goals which they feel is important at that point of time:

During times of heavy workload
At workplace, there are many people who face heavy workload consistently for days, weeks or even months. During this time many people sacrifice their time for physical activities like exercises or gym to gain some extra time to focus on their workload. They say to themselves that only once their work gets completed succesfully, then they would take up their physical activities once again. Rather than making use of exercises to improve focus, concentration and energy, they forsake the benefit of exercises only to use it later.

During exams
During exams, tests, or other important school events, children leave aside their daily physical exercises to focus on their exams. Some children even think that exercises are a waste of time during exams as it consumes time and makes a person tired. In fact, the reverse is always true. Exercises makes the student more alert and focused during their studies. It also removes the laziness and tiredness from the minds of the student and provides them productive study hours. 

In tough situations
Usually in tough circumstances, people tend to go along with the normal flow. They feel that it would be impossible to try and succeed in such situations. They forget their inbuilt qualities of patience, persistence, will-power, confidence etc and accept the situation as overwhelming and submit themselves towards defeat. Even in so-called tough situations, the one who thinks with a relaxed mindset and give it a try are the ones who gains the experience and become successful at a later point in life. Every situation, however difficult it may seem has a valuable lesson to offer. 

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Saturday, 16 April 2022

Positive Self-talk Statements : The Need of the hour

Positive self-talk statements are essential for the success of every person.  We know ourselves much better than anyone else and so we must realize that the greatest motivator in our life is we ourselves. What we say or speak to ourselves has an impact on our thoughts and each activity that we do. It helps us to attract the results that we want in life.

Some of the positive self-talk statements that we can say to ourselves are:


·       It’s ok

·       You are the best

·       I love you

·       I admire you

·       I appreciate you

·       I trust you

·       I believe in you

·       I’m with you

·      I am a wonderful person

·       Things will change for the better

·       I open my arms for abundance and opportunities

·      I know exactly what I am doing

·      I know what I need to do

·      My mind is clear

·      I feel relaxed

     The above are some of the positive statements that can be used. You may also construct some sentences as per your choice and circumstances and make sure that you repeat them to build a new habit. Remember that habits are formed out of repetition. So if you repeat these positive statements multiple times for many days then you would slowly see that these statements start becoming a strong belief within you and thereby become a habit.

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How important is Self-Talk in our life

Self-talk are the words or statements that you say to your inner self. This can also be termed as your inner voice. Many times we come across ourselves or the people around us using self-talk. This can happen consciously or even subconsciously. Let us look at some ways by which we can use self-talk and its impact on generating results in our daily life. 


Self-talk has a deeper connection to our conscious and our subconscious mind. Each word that we say to ourselves can have an impact on our belief system and could play an important role to alter the outcome of the events that we see in our life. Maybe for once or twice, it may not have a strong impact. But when it gets repeated over a period of time, let us say for months or years, then it creates a strong mental impression that makes it an in-built habit or behavior. 


Some of the common negative self-talk words used are (Sorry for the vulgarity) : 


·       Oh no! 

·       Come on! 

·       Oh shit! 

·       Bloody... 

·       Wtf 

·       Stupid 

·       Fool 

·       Idiot 


Regular use of these negative words brings down the spirit of the person. It is like demoralizing or devaluing the greatness of the person to a low level. 


During my childhood when I go to play cricket after a gap of many months, I see that on the first day I perform very well with the bat and the ball. I would be getting good scores and would be getting good appreciation from my teammates. Subsequently, on the second, third, fourth, and final days, my performance starts to dip slowly. I would end up losing my form and also struggle to play a normal game. I also experienced a similar kind of scenario when I play football after a gap of many months. During those days I didn't know the reason for such a dip in my performance in the subsequent days. 


Many years later, when I gained the knowledge of motivation, inspiration, and Self-Love, I tried to rewind my memory back to those days to analyze what could have gone wrong. During those gap of many months, my mind used to wait for those vacation days and wished to play a game of cricket or football. In my mind, I used to imagine striking the cricket ball comfortably. I also used to imagine tackling many players and scoring a goal in a football match. After all this positive mind training,  when I then get a chance to finally enter the ground, I see that my mind is fresh with all the confidence. I see that without much delay I begin to perform as brilliantly as I should be. Later as I continue with my game, there comes certain situations in the game when I make silly mistakes like missing a strike or getting out to a simple delivery. When I make such a silly mistake, I criticize myself by shouting at myself. Doing this action repeatedly whenever I make a mistake demoralizes and devalues my spirit. The energy within my internal self goes down and so in the subsequent games I start performing poorly. Over the years this habit of criticism remained in me and affected my performance in my activities. 


We must understand that feedback is essential for the progress of an individual. However, criticism and especially self-criticism can be avoided under all circumstances. We must understand that even if we make a mistake or lose out on an opportunity, there are many other opportunities that lie in front of us. If we believe in our abilities then we should believe that we have the capability to achieve our desires and goals anytime later.  The situation of others criticizing us would not completely be in our hands to get controlled. However, we have complete control of our inner feelings, thoughts, and emotions that we have towards ourselves. Ensuring that we maintain positive self-talk towards ourselves would increase our trust, confidence, belief, and self-love within us and help us in giving our best under all circumstances.

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