Saturday 19 June 2021

How kids are a source of energy


Kids are full of energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes you wonder how do they maintain their energy levels even after playing for many hours. During hectic work schedules, if you would like to take a break and get some fresh dose of energy, then playing with kids is a very good option.

Some of you may be surprised at how kids can be a source of energy. There might be some people who stay away from kids when they are focussing on something very serious. They believe that being with kids during that time is something like asking for more trouble. Well, the energy levels of babies and also small kids are very pure and steady. 

Since babies and kids are less exposed to the daily activities of the material world, their mind is still stable and steady. The number of unwanted thoughts in kids is very less. As a result, there are not many mental blocks or any sort of energetic blocks when it comes to kids. Due to these reasons the Aura around a child is also very pure and without any negative vibration. Aura is an energy field around a person. We Human Beings are energy beings and mainly consist of electromagnetic energy. Aura is another layer on top of our energy body. Those people who vibrate with positivity, happiness and love always have a pure Aura around them. Kids are known to have a pure Aura around them as they are less impacted towards negativity.

These are some of the reasons which suggest that kids are a source of energy as their energy vibrations are pure. Try to hold a baby regularly whenever you get the chance. Apart from that, you also feel very relaxed when you converse with kids. Usually, kids think in a straightforward way. Even though their knowledge is limited, it is interesting to notice how they think and speak on a particular topic. Try to motivate kids whenever you get a chance. Kids like love and support very much. They develop into a promising person once they are encouraged and supported. Today's kids are tomorrow's leaders. It is our responsibility to bring the best out of each child.

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  1. Being a mother of a five year old daughter, I can vouch for this. Loved reading a positive approach towards kids and their energy :)

  2. It is interesting that we really can get more energy from being with children! I am going to try this :)

    1. Yes Sona.
      The same applies with being with nature also.

  3. Can resonate being a mother of 12. Truly put forth we seek more energy being with children


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