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Save your Memories

Life is a wonderful gift given to us by God. As we proceed to do great things in life, it is also important to capture those moments in the form of images, videos or text.

Writing down your experiences as a blog or as a book is a wonderful way to maintain your memories. Even after many years your blog or your book would remain there in the Internet to be accessed by anyone. People would get to read your thoughts, ideas and values that you consider dear to you. Even after many years when you pick your own book to read you can be proud or happy with yourself for the kind of ideas that you shared previously.

Nowadays in this digital age it is easy to save your memories in wide variety of ways. Make sure that you make the best use of technology to store these valuable treasure of yours. 

Click pictures of your family members regularly and make an album out of it. Save it in digital as well as print form. Whenever you go for trips or vacations try to capture those moments regularly. Make sure that you also enjoy those moments when you connect with nature rather than just clicking pictures. 

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You are the Owner of your Self

When you get a gift from someone or when you purchase something valuable like a mobile or a laptop, you tend to give your good care and attention to it. You see to it that you maintain it well. Even when you buy some pets at home, you devote lot of your time to look after it's food habits and make sure that you provide your love, care and warmth to it. 

In a similar way, you are the owner of your inner self and only you can look after it much better than anyone else. When you were a child, you received love, compassion, support and care from your parents. They looked after you for many years. They gave you the best food, good toys, the best education they can afford and a lot more. They watched each and every step that you made. They encouraged and motivated you. As you grew, you learnt to become independent. You may had to leave your home for higher education or for job purposes. During this time it was upto you to look after yourself. You may have got good friends and colleagues during that time but they all would have been busy in their own world.

Know what is good for you and make sure that you take time to work on your own self. Try to be independent as far as possible when it comes to your health, life skills, professional skills etc. Whenever you get any opportunity to upgrade youself in these parameters make full use of it. Try to connect with the best mentors and people who can offer you the best life skills.

Professional skills is important to grow in your organization. However, life skills is more important to grow in your life and also to extend your career. Make sure that you cover some distance everyday. Be regular with your practice. When you look back for the last few months or for 1 year there should be lot of things which would make yourself proud. We normally remember those days when we worked hard to achieve something big. We don't remember those days when we slept for more hours. So make sure you do something great everytime. Something which you can be proud of. Something which would remain close to your heart. Something which stays in your subconscious mind for many years. Your mind should become a treasure trove of all the wonderful things in your life because you are the owner of your own self. You are the creator of your destiny. Be proud of it !!! 

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Be Ahead in the Race

We see competitions all around us. Be it in the workplace, society, friends, families etc. Even though there is love, support, sharing, collaboration among people, there is also fierce competition among them. Nobody would like to be left behind in the race that the world is heading.

In your world, always make sure that you are equipped with the best resources for yourself. If you see that there is a weak point in yourself, make sure that you work upon it and convert your weak point to a reasonable strength. Sometimes downfall in life happens during a weakness situation for a person. Make sure that your weakness don't stand exposed and make sure that you work upon it in the background. It is not necessary to highlight about your weakness to your friends. They do not ask for it. If they observe it then that is another thing. However you should know within yourself that this weakness is just temporary it is just a matter of time that it will be overcome.

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Mental state for Professionals

Getting a job as a Professional in a good company is a dream for most people. However, the job has its demands and expectations. It does invite heavy workload, stress and fatigue to some people. Let us look at some best practices to be followed while you work :

- Make sure that you don't get scared, upset or emotional when a difficult work is assigned to you. Consider it as a learning opportunity that comes in your path.

- Always try to relax when you see that the timeliness for getting the work completed is approaching soon. When you panic your mind doesn't function well and you tend to get stuck or narrow down in your thoughts. When you are relaxed, you get an enlarged vision of the task in hand.

- When you get a new task, spend some time to understand it, the business requirements, expectations and the people who has done this before.

- Try to create a network of friends who work in a similar area so that you can seek their advice in case you get stuck somewhere.

- Always believe in your mind that there are one or more solution to solve the task assigned to you. When you get stuck, believe that solution will definitely come to you soon.

- Sleep well, have good food. Maintain your thought pattern well.

- See good in your team mate's effort. Interact, collaborate with them.

- Always try to learn something new everyday. Try to be honest in your approach to solve a problem. Try to be practical as far as possible. 

- Be committed and passionate in your work. If you feel that your work is boring, try to involve in some passion in the background whenever you become free.

- Prioritize your work and take up the most important ones first.

- The best time to take up a task is right now. Never delay it for a later time if it's an important one. 

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Sow your seed of Inner Wellness

When we were children we were healthy and energetic. As we grow, we interact with the outside world. Our thoughts, emotions, needs and actions get transformed as per the situation and circumstances that life throws at us. During these times some people remain healthy whereas some people face some health conditions. Most of these health conditions arises either due to negative environmental conditions, improper food habits or due to negative vibratory emotions like fear, worry, anxiety, stress, anger, guilt, shame etc. It is said that most diseases are psychosomatic in nature. If a healthy person can become unhealthy, it is also very much possible to reverse health conditions and bring the person back to this previous state of well-being.

There are various Holistic practices that  help a person to be in good health always and also to cure them of certain health conditions. Some of these are :

- Self-Love
- Positive Self-talk
- Positive beliefs and mindset
- Exercises
- Yoga
- Pranayama
- Meditation
- Mindfulness
- Reiki
- Affirmation
- Visualization
- Gratitude
- Forgiveness
- Grounding
- Healthy Foods
- Intermittent Fasting

The person needs to know what works well for their body and make sure that they practise some of the above techniques on a regular basis. As they practice for many months or even years, they would see that their health is always in a positive direction. This can be confirmed when the person checks their health report.
The main idea is that the person should take the initiative and decide to spend around 1 hour everyday for the inner well-being. After that they need to be consistent in their practice and not leave it after some days. Sow your seed of Inner Wellness and watch your health going in the positive direction. 

Some of the above techniques are mentioned in my books :

Unlimited Energy :

The Power Of Thoughts and Visualization :

The Higher Vibration :

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Change from Within

As we live in this world, we interact with many people on a daily basis. Sometimes we get into arguments, misunderstandings and negative vibes. This affects our way of thinking and peace of mind. Sometimes we just hope that if others could change according to the way we want then life could have been a lot pleasant. 

We must realize the fact that each person thinks and acts as per their conscience. We have no control and are in no position to judge their conscience. What is in our control is our own self. Reflect the situations and circumstances that is bothering ourselves. Sometimes if we could raise our vibrations consistently with happiness, peace, joy, love, courage and eliminate feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, guilt then most of these problems could be addressed. 

Sometimes in our prayers or Affirmations we wish for an end to our problems or ask for less work or even ask for our daily task to be easier. However instead of looking for an easy solution if we could ask for ourselves to be more stronger, skillful, bolder, confident, courageous then a lot of things in life would start looking easier and lighter to us.

As we have seen, the change should happen within ourselves. This would help us to move forward in life with all positivity and higher vibrations. We would then start seeing our environment changing according to our expectations. 

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Attitude of Gratitude

Life is a wonderful gift given to us by God. In this life there are lot of valuable things that we are blessed with. Showing gratitude to all the things that we are blessed with in life is necessary.

We have to understand that all the great things in life like success, health, abundance and prosperity are forms of energy. To be blessed with these forms of energy regularly in our life, we need to be grateful and be in a state of Higher Vibration consistently.

When we show gratefulness to the things we are already blessed with then we continue to receive more blessings one after the other. Just take an example of 3 friends. The first person helps the second and the third person with their work. The second person thanks the first friend from his heart for his help and support. The third friend on the other hand takes the help for granted and doesn't convey any thanks. In this case, the Gratitude wish from the second friend raised the vibration level of the first person and gave him a sense of self-fulfillment and happiness. So the first person would love to support the second friend again in the future. Here I am not saying that the first friend would avoid helping the third friend going forward. However the connection between the first and the second friend would be more stronger if the same scenario gets repeated on multiple occasions. 

Humans have the problem of forgetting to count the blessings that they already have. They look for things that they don't have and once they get it, then take it for granted. Only once they lose the thing that they already have then they realize the value of it.

The fresh air that we breathe, the clean water that we get to drink, the healthy food that we get to eat are all blessings from God. There are many people in this world who are not lucky enough to receive these things properly in their life. So be grateful to God and thank God in your daily prayers. 

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Life is a wonderful gift given to us by God. As we proceed to do great things in life, it is also important to capture those mom...