Monday, 16 August 2021

The Science of Thoughts

Thoughts form the major activity of a human mind. The person we are today is because of the thoughts that we had been maintaining till yesterday. The person we would be in the future is dependent on the thoughts that we would be maintaining in our present moment. If the thoughts we maintain in our present moment are regrets of our past and anxiety for the future then our future can be filled with obstacles and failures.

Well you may ask how can thoughts be so powerful enough to decide our future.  Thoughts are energy vibrations. To manifest something to our reality whether positive or negative it requires consistent thoughts and belief of that particular subject. What we think and believe is what we see and get in life. A person who believes that something is impossible to achieve, would continue in not getting that thing as per his thought process. On the other hand if a person believes that it is very much possible to achieve something, will soon start seeing opportunities to convert his belief  to reality. As the opportunities start to present itself, the person starts taking action as per his intention and desire to achieve it and thereby progress towards achieving their goal. 

Now how do scientists discover something new that they haven't seen before? This is where Visualization comes into picture. The scientists visualize what they want to achieve. The more they visualize their goals in minute details, the easier it would be for the mind to manifest it. This is the reason why it is said to develop a model or prototype of a product before starting with the implementation of the actual product. The model gives a better picture of what is going to be developed. The mind becomes clear on what is to be achieved and looks for effective ways to convert that model into a physical reality. 

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Saturday, 14 August 2021

Believe you can

Belief is the most important quality that everyone need to possess. Without belief all the skills, talent and abilities that you possess would go unused. Before taking up any task, the first thing that a person need to have is the belief that they will perform and finish it successfully. That belief alone sets the tone to go ahead with your task in a confident and a relaxed manner. In this post we would be looking at some examples to understand how belief plays a major role in success.

An athlete has to undergo many months and years of training to perform for their big event. Along with these rigorous training sessions, the athlete also needs to believe that he will win. When does the athlete start believing in himself? This happens when the athlete participates and starts performing well in local events. These small victories improves the belief and self-confidence of the athlete and slowly the athlete starts believing that victory in the big stage is very much possible.

Even when you attend an interview in a company, you would observe that the company gives more importance to the experience than the qualification. Why is it so? The company expects that the experienced person has encountered similar situations over the years and so would be having a good experience to handle such kind of tasks when given the responsibility. Since the candidate has already seen and overcome such situations before, the mind of the candidate believes that such tasks can be easily done when it is presented again. That belief is what the company is looking for. A Non-experienced person may not have that belief since he may not not have encountered such a situation before.

So how do you improve your belief towards your self and abilities? 

There are 2 ways to this :

- Ensure that you boldly take up the work when you are been asked to. Don't skip any work or look for some ways to get it done by someone else. Be true to yourself always. For short term gains you may get tempted to get the work done through unethical means. However you must realize that it is not easy to escape regularly. One day or the other your skills would be put to test. So it is always better to face your situation today with confidence and learn from the experience. Never procrastinate. This experience will surely be very valuable in the long run.

- Practise of Visualization helps a lot. When you Visualize you must imagine the exact situation that you would face in real time. As far as possible try to be more specific. During the last Tokyo Olympics many sports person may not have got the same kind of opportunities to train outdoors due to the Pandemic restrictions. However many sportspersons would have made the best use of their Sports Psychologists to get trained in their mind using the Power of Affirmation and Visualization. Just like the physical preparation, the mental preparation is also equally important. 

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Friday, 13 August 2021

Make Exercises a Daily Habit

Exercises are essential for every person. It is something that we can do freely without spending any amount of money. The benefits of exercises are immeasurable and unlimited.

There is a misconception that doing exercises consumes lot of time. Nowadays in this busy world you may find people complaining that they don't find enough time to exercise. Well, exercises doesn't need any specific time or schedule to be followed. Even while you sit in a chair or lie down in the bed, you can do some exercises like shaking your arms, rotating your feet, rotating your wrist, moving your neck sideways, lifting and stretching your arms, deep breathing and many more. Doing these exercise doesn't need any specific time in a day. You can do them anytime you want. The more you do, the better it is for you.

Apart from that, there are lot of mind related exercises that you can practice anytime. Affirming and visualizing positive sentences to yourself are some of these mind exercises. Some sample affirmations that you can say to yourself on a daily basis are :
- I feel happy, I feel cheerful and I feel fantastic.
- I'm thankful and grateful to God for blessing me with wonderful things in life.
- I love myself. I appreciate myself. I am happy with my performance. 
- I'm happy that I am moving in the right direction.
- I appreciate my skills and talent.
- My best friend is me myself.

The above mind related exercises can also be repeated anytime throughout the day and does not need any specific time. Going for a walk, playing an outdoor game are also exercises. It is good to take up something you enjoy doing. If your interest is not into outdoor games then you may try something that relates to your interest.

So now you have seen few exercises that doesn't require any extra time from your busy schedule. Some people invest money in gym or some yoga classes. It is good to learn some extra techniques that would be valuable. However you should not place your daily exercise responsibilities on your gym or your yoga classes. These are just helping tools. The primary responsibility and initiative lies on you yourself. You should have total control of your mind and body because only you know yourself much better than anyone else.

This Pandemic has certainly taught all of us a lesson that health is more important than wealth. Wealth can come anytime to our life. However, if the health is not supportive then the ways to achieve wealth can get blocked. So we need to ensure that there is always a free flow of energy throughout our body through exercises. By doing so we are aligning ourself to be healthy, happy, prosperous and abundant always. 

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Thursday, 12 August 2021

Why is sleep important?

Sleep is a common activity in every person's life which is characterized by altered consciousness, reduced mind activity and reduced muscular activity. On an average, a person spends around 8 hours of sleep everyday. During sleep, the brain waves move towards Theta and Delta waves. Theta state is the sleep state when the person would start seeing some dreams whereas Delta state is a more deep sleep dreamless state. Sleep is essential for every human being due to various benefits. Let us look into the benefits of sleep.

The quantity of sleep varies from individual to individual. Some of the factors that decide the amount of sleep required for an individual are :

- The nature of work of that individual. 
- Level of physical and mental activities done during the day.
- The type of food consumed during the day.

Let us look at some of these points. If the type of work done by a person during the day is very hectic, then the amount of sleep required would be slightly more than normal. You may have observed that after playing some outdoor game or after a long drive, you may feel exhausted and would feel like hitting the bed early. You would observe the amount of sleep required would be more in this case. Similarly after a long meeting or a discussion you would feel very tired, drained and would look to hit the bed early.

Food Pattern
Another point is the food pattern. If the food you are consuming is junk or too oily, then the amount of sleep required would be slightly high. On the other hand, if your food is more natural and raw, then the amount of sleep required would be less. This is because there is layer of energy field outside our body. This is called as Prana Shakti. This energy field focuses on the rebuilding process of the body. If the food you consumed during the night is very heavy, then most if the Prana Shakti would be focusing on the digestion task rather than the repair work of the body during your night sleep. The repair work means the regeneration of the cells and tissues of the body. 

This is the reason why Rishis and Saints require less amount of sleep everyday. They eat very minimal and the type of food they eat is mostly simple and raw. As a result the body takes less time to digest the food during sleep. Also the remaining time would be fruitfully used to repair the cells of the body. Even during Meditation there is an internal healing happening in the body as the person stays relaxed, idle and thoughtless. 

This could be another reason why it is said that a person should keep a gap of 2 hours after the dinner before going to sleep. The gap of few hours would help in the digestion of the food before going to sleep. As far as possible, we should try to reduce the digestion activity to be taken up during sleep. The repair work should be given more importance during sleep. This would ensure ourselves to be rejuvenated and healthy always. 

For Manifestation
The Theta waves during sleep, helps in the Manifestation process. During this state the Subconscious Mind takes over from the Conscious Mind. All the events and memories stored previously in the Subconscious Mind comes to play here. The Subconscious Mind is a very powerful tool and helps in the Manifestation process because it cannot distinguish between a true and a false statement. Whatever the Conscious Mind feeds to it with full belief and intent, the Subconscious considers that as true and starts working upon that belief to make that thought into a reality. A person who succeeds in using this Theta state for providing positive thoughts to the Subconscious would find it easy to Manifest their goals and desires to their lives. The period of time when you just wake up in the morning and during the time before you just fall asleep are the state close to the Theta state. This is an ideal time to send positive thoughts to the Subconscious for Manifestation. 

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Wednesday, 11 August 2021

The Rich paves the way

We get to see common beliefs among many people that rich people are like aliens in our country and that they do not understand the true pulse of the nation. There is also a misbelief that rich accumulates all the wealth by themselves and don't leave anything for the poor. In short, the belief among many is that rich people does nothing worthwhile for the progress of the country and do not care for the common man. 

Well beliefs and viewpoints vary among individuals. Every person is free to express their opinions and viewpoints on any subject. Sometimes there cannot be a clear answer on a particular topic. The topic can be debatable by highlighting and weighing the pros and cons.

In this blog, I would also like to express my viewpoint on the subject. I'm not yet a rich person. I have a decent job as a Software Professional. Recently I have also started writing books and blogs as part of my passion. I would say that the lockdown gave me more time to introspect on my self capabilities and abilities. 

I would say that I have the same kind of respect for both rich and the poor people. Both are citizens of this country. As part of this topic let us focus on the rich people. If it were not for the rich people we wouldn't have much opportunities in our country. Let us take few examples. I remember 5 years back, I used to have a mobile plan of 1 GB per month. Due to that I was hardly able to watch much tutorial videos related to my software profession since the data limit gets exhausted very soon. Also during that time the speed of Internet was very slow with the 2G network and 3G just got introduced at that time. 2-3 years later the scenario totally changed with the introduction of the 4G network. The Internet speed was remarkable. The data limit increased to 1GB per day. The funny part is that despite the major development, the recharge value is still the same. All this happened due to the vision and idea of Mukesh Ambani, who is a well known figure of the Reliance industries. There were also some other leaders who contributed to this growth. This advancement in the Internet world brought in more offers from other private firms also. With these advancements in the IT space, India started progressing in the Digital world. So the point is, rich business people bring about a positive change to the progress of our nation and we need to encourage and appreciate them in the best possible way. After all, they are Indian businessmen who are bringing investments in their own soil. So they need to be supported in every possible way. 

Another example I can give is about another businessman called Yusuf Ali from my state of Kerala. This person has arguably brought Kochi to the map of India as the emerging city of India. The Lulu Mall which he had developed is said to be largest mall of India and it has shifted the pulse of the city from one area to another. During weekends most of the people would be concentrated on this area. Apart from the Lulu Mall, Yusuf Ali has also developed the largest IT building in Kerala called the Lulu Cyber Tower at Kochi and has also developed the Lulu Convention Center where important business meetings of the country are held.

Well some people complain saying that these developments have just improved the wealth of these businessmen. They go on to say that these developments has not helped the common man at all. They fail to realize the number of jobs that these businesses have brought to the country. The area in and around these locations has also developed considerably. People from poor backgrounds with good talent are able to take up jobs in big private companies and earn a livelihood for their families. Investments, Businesses, companies and establishments improve the economy of our country. I agree that there were some from the rich elite group who were involved in corruption recently. But then there is a law that takes care of such people and bring them to justice.

So should we focus more on the positive developments that these businessmen are bringing to our country or should our main concern be on the accumulation of the wealth of these rich people. Remember that most of the rich people were not born rich. They reached to this position due to sheer hardwork, discipline, persistence and perseverance. If we think that all these rich people are always living a happy, relaxed and a luxurious life then we are mistaken. They also have their own problems and issues in life and money is not the only solution to all problems. If they can rise to this position then so can any one of us. We can try to take a leaf from their journey of success and appreciate them for all the great things they have done for our country. Similar to this, when we join a course, we have to focus more on the value that course would provide us rather than the benefit the course would bring to the course provider. Only by doing so we make the best use of the things that we get in life rather than getting caught with unnecessary thoughts that serve no purpose. 

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Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Are animals and plants connected to their inner-self?

Some common questions that people ask are :

- Do plants have souls? 
- How are animals and plants connected to their inner-self or their soul? 

Yes, all living beings including plants have souls. Also when we talk about animals, an animal is more closer to their inner-self than an average human being.

If you may ask why, then the reason can be explained as follows. Nowadays, due to the advancement of science, there are many gadgets that were discovered that makes the life of a man more easy. As a result, humans are more attracted and attached towards the comforts of the material world. Even the question of walking for 1 km is beyond the thinking of the common man when there is accessibility to different modes of quick transport. Most of the times humans restrict themselves within their homes with less exposure to the natural resources. 

These technological advancements stand in the way of a man from exploring and realizing his true inner self. This is the reason why nowadays many people are dependent on medicines and doctors to get them back to normal health. Any effort to cure oneself through self-healing natural methods is not even given a thought. 

Majority of the animals on the other hand knows how to get back to normal health on their own. Just observe the animals living in the jungles. Are they affected by any kind of chronic or Pandemic diseases?  Do animals rely on medicines or food supplements to bring them back to normal health? Animals living in the jungles directly connect with the natural energy sources and thereby know ways to keep themselves healthy. Leave aside the animals or birds living in cages. Such caged animals and birds are cut-off from the natural resources that keep them healthy.

Even a daily walk of 15 minutes would give you enough oxygen and energy to make you healthy in a big way. Grounding yourself with the earth by walking barefoot, watering the plants, feeding the animals, being with the nature are all good practices that would give you the required energy supply for the day. The sun, moon, stars and earth are the visible sources of energy that nourishes us on a daily basis. It is a wrong understanding that only food is required to keep us healthy. Apart from that, fresh air and water are also the driving force for our daily activities. 

The soul is very powerful and blissful always. The solution to most of the human problems can be resolved by connecting to one's self. Humans have to realize this and get closer to their inner self for true happiness and good health. Getting close to the inner-self can be possible by following certain practices Like Exercises, Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Prayers, Grounding, Gratitude etc. 

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Sunday, 8 August 2021

Know your Goals

The success of any person in their life is determined by how well they set their goals. Knowing what you exactly want, where you exactly stand, benefit of achieving your goals are all essential to achieve your goals and to be a better version of yourself. Living your life without any goal is just like driving a vehicle without any destination. Let us look at some of the ways by which you can clearly identify your goals.

- Identify your desired goal
Identify one or more goals that you would like to achieve in the next 6 months or 1 year time period. These goals can be in your personal or your career area. Some examples can be like getting a promotion in your job, becoming successful in your business, losing weight by few kilos, improving your competence in job, studies or sports. 

- Identify where you stand
Know where you currently stand with respect to your goal. Give the exact details with metrics, reports, statistics etc if possible. Be honest and realistic with yourself in identifying where you currently stand. Note down your strong areas as well as your weak areas. 

- Identify the benefits of achieving your goals
Note down the happiness, satisfaction and the sense of achievement you get when you achieve your goal. What will be your state when you achieve your goals? How would it affect your personal and career life? How will it affect your family members?

- Identify whether the goal is measurable
Make sure that you are able to measure and track the progress of your goal so that you would come to know when you have reached your target. Every 1 month or so, you should be able to measure the progress you have made. If you are not making any progress, you should replan and restrategize your approach in a better way. 

- Live the experience of having achieved your goal
Affirm and Visualize that you have already achieved your goal. So when you have already reached your goal visualize the positive vibrations that it brings to your mind and body. Live that experience daily for sometime. As you vibrate with that positive energy on a daily basis, you would slowly and surely reach closer and closer to your target and finally achieve it.

- Know more about your goal
Analyze and understand clearly what is it that you would like to achieve. Having a vague picture of your goal would not help you to achieve exactly what you wanted to achieve. Only when you send a clear picture with a strong intention to the Universe, the Universe would send back to you what you really want. 

- Connect with the right people
Connecting with a good mentor, coach or a community will help you to progress in achieving your goals. When you meet many people with a common interest who are looking to progress in the same goal that you are aspiring then it makes your progress more easy and interesting. Generally, learning and sharing as a team is more effective than trying to pursue your goals independently.

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Friday, 6 August 2021

The Secrets of Manifestation

All of us live in a highly competitive world. We often see people competing with others just for the sake of being ahead of them. In this age of competition, why wouldn't a person not think of competing with others to achieve their goals and desires in life?

The achievement of goals and desires after putting in lot of effort gives a temporary sense of happiness, satisfaction and achievement in a person. So let us look at some of these goals and desires and understand deeply as to what they stand for.

We hear this phrase many times that nowadays lot of people run behind money. Some people say that going behind money is not a moral practice. It brings in a negative feeling of greediness to the person. Are these statements really true? Well, desire towards any material comforts is not really an immoral practice if we are in total control of our mind, emotions and senses and at the same time if our actions don't hurt anyone. Too much of addiction or attraction towards something however, need to be controlled. 

We need to understand that money is a form of energy. If we need to manifest money to our lives, our energy levels need to vibrate consistently with a higher frequency, to match with the higher energy vibrations of money manifestation. Now what does vibrating consistently with a higher frequency mean? Well, we need to understand that Humans are energetic beings. Even though we look like a solid being in front of a mirror, we are actually an energy being with every cell of our body consisting of 99% of electromagnetic energy. The story is the same for every object in this world.

Similar to money, success is also a form of energy. Sound, air, thoughts, light are other forms of energy which is of higher frequency and that is why these things move at a very high speed. When a thought gets finally manifested into reality, it gets converted from a higher frequency state to a settled physical object state. This is what happens initially when we have goal. The goal starts as a thought in our mind. Later once we start working towards it, affirming it and believing in it, we notice that we get closer and closer towards realizing our goal. As we get closer, we start noticing that our long cherished goal starts becoming easier and easier. The reason for this is because the energy that we vibrate with is getting closely matched with the energy of the goal that we are about to achieve.

So the secret to manifestation of your goals, objectives and dreams is to ensure that along with hard work, you vibrate consistently with feelings of happiness, love, peace, gratitude, self-belief and confidence. Along with that, the elimination of negative vibrations like feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, limiting beliefs, jealousy etc would ensure that there are no energetic blocks within your energetic body. When you consistently vibrate with positive emotions mentioned above, your mind and your body work together in perfect synchronization and thereby manifestation happens easily. 

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Thursday, 5 August 2021

How to Control Anger

Anger is a form of a sudden emotion where the person gets upset, irritated or frustrated due to the behavior of another person or due to an unfavourable situation. When a person becomes angry, the body releases stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. 

To control our Anger, we need to understand that there are people born and brought up in different location, culture, circumstances, situations, religion etc. We should accept people the way they are. We can only guide them on what we think is right. We can't expect them to follow our thought process always. They would continue to do things based on their life experiences and the conditioning of their mind. 

We need to understand that we have a greater role to play in this material world. We need to look after ourself, our family and the society. So when we have a larger responsibility on our shoulders, why should we think of small petty issues that derail our  larger purpose in our life? Let us forgive, forget, wish the best to everyone and continue with the great work that we are doing.

If we involve in practices like Pranayama, Meditation on a daily basis then it reduces negative feelings like Anger to a large extent.

You may ask how these techniques would help to reduce Anger. Well, to explain that we must understand that there is a connection between our mind and our breath. When we get angry, scared or upset, we see that our breathing becomes very fast. Our heart rate and the body temperature starts increasing. On the other hand when we are in a relaxed state, we see that our breathing is very slow and deep. So to make ourself relaxed irrespective of the situation, deep breathing is essential. You may have also heard of people advicing you to take deep breath before an important meeting or before you deliver a speech. Meditation on the other hand helps you to relax yourself and to reduce the flow of unwanted thoughts. When the number of thoughts reduces, then you come at peace with yourself. You become more aware of your actions and emotions. 

Another thing we can do is Mind control or Mindfulness. We can watch our emotions on a daily basis and note down those situations when we lost our mind control and became angry. Identify the reasons why those situations made us angry. Is it because somebody spoke ill of us? Is there any ego involved during that situation? Keep asking yourself the questions and you would see that you get many reasons for your emotional outbreak. Once you collect these reasons, conduct a small exercise by sitting in front of the mirror and visualizing these reasons. Say to your self that these reasons are not part of your natural self. You are more powerful and happy than these minor reasons. Keep repeating these thoughts and slowly you would see the intensity of these negative reasons diminishing. 

Another important thing that needs to be done is that, we need to practice self love, gratitude, forgiveness regularly. These help to control anger in a big way. We need to be thankful of all the great things that we have been blessed with in our life. Competing with others is fine but we need to take this in the right spirit for the betterment of our self and to set the right example for others. Diverting our mind into some interesting activity is also another way of giving a break to our self and thereby control our Anger. 

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Sunday, 1 August 2021

Discover your Hidden Talent

Every person in this world is unique and every one is blessed with one or more talent. Some people are lucky to identify their talent early in their life whereas some others fail to recognize them throughout their life. Let us look at some of the ways by which you can identify your hidden talent.

At a very early age, it is the duty of the parents to make their child do some activities or involve them in small tasks. As the child takes up some activities, there would be some tasks which looks interesting for them. Watch how the child is performing in those activities. Classify those activities on the basis of physical or mental category. Narrow down further into the amount of mind power or physical power is required to do those activites. Now note down various other factors required for those activities like focus, concentration, alertness, stamina, strength, endurance, eye movements, hand-eye coordination, listening skills, responsive skills, communication skills, patience, persistence etc. Rate the performance of your child on these factors. You may further drill down on these factors to get a better picture of your child's abilities. As you get some idea on the strong areas of your child, give your child more activities related to that area  so that the child keeps on improving their strength. At the same time make sure the child overcomes their weak areas by continuous practice and repetition. 

As an adult, it is good to involve yourself in a certain passion, hobby or interest. If you would like to pick up a new skill, try to explore more on the coaches or mentors who offer trainings on those skills. You may also look for some good online courses based on the reviews. Apart from that, there are also lot of free resources available in the Internet to aid you in your learning process.

As you learn, make it a point to practice daily. The more you learn and practice, the more you polish your skills. As you continue further, you would find yourself slowly becoming an expert in this new skill. It requires patience, persistence, passion and perseverance to make sure that you discover your hidden talent. Once you discover your hidden talent, participate in various events, competitions and challenges to know where you stand. Attending events also helps in meeting like minded people who are also in the same journey as yourself. Once you interact with them, you would get lot of valuable information from them that would help you in your rediscovery process. 

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