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Sharpening your skillset as an entrepreneur – What’s new?


Entrepreneurship is indispensable as far as the development of the nation is concerned. Entrepreneurs should be encouraged and motivated so that they bring in new ideas and innovations. These innovations also create jobs that would consecutively contribute to economic growth.


As an entrepreneur, there are certain sets of practices, processes, and strategies to be followed regularly to ensure that you become successful in your objective. Let us look at some of the ways by which you can update your knowledge, sharpen your skillset, compete with others and remain on top in your entrepreneurship journey.


Digital Marketing

Currently, most of the organizations that are big or small are moving towards digitalization. Gone are those days where an entrepreneur just concentrates on getting clients within a particular locality. With the advent of digital and eCommerce platforms, opportunities are unlimited. Ensure that your business is digitally-enabled with a full-fledged website. Lead Generation, Generating Website Traffic, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Blogging, Advertisement placements through various channels are some of the ways by which you can run a highly successful business. Try to learn and master these techniques as far as possible. If you feel that these are beyond your understanding, then try to connect with experts who provide such services. The number of Internet users in India was 700 million in 2020. This figure would go beyond 970 million users in the year 2025. This increase would benefit the businesses that move to digital platforms. 


Cloud Technologies

More and more businesses are now moving towards the cloud. Maintaining infrastructure like servers, storage spaces, processors, etc. has become cumbersome. The cost that accompanies infrastructure maintenance is unpredictable. Cloud solutions like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform take care of all these infrastructure-related issues thereby enabling the enterprises to focus on their core business functionalities. Investing some amount of time to know the services provided by these cloud solution providers and choosing the best service for your business would be beneficial.


Big Data

Nowadays, data is available in different formats like Text, Graphs, Polls, Images, Excel sheets, XML, JSON, etc. The ability to extract the data from various sources, analyze and transform the data as required, and then finally load the data to your system in an understandable form is what is expected out of Big Data. Try to use the tools that show the trends in a particular business concerning user interests, region, etc. Google Trends is one such tool that gives you the current trends based on the provided keyword, location, etc. The ability to understand, analyze and interpret the trends and to take effective steps to maximize the business is the need of the hour.


Know your competitors

It is essential to know the people or the companies that you are competing with. Try to understand their business, goals, and values. Try to make a deep study of your competitors. Connect with like-minded people during meetings, get-togethers, or during some exhibitions to share ideas, opinions, and feedback.


Intelligent Marketing and Sales

Try to learn the concepts and apply Intelligent Marketing to your business. Know your customer base well and also be adaptable based on the customer behavioral pattern. Know the platforms that can help you with the creation of effective advertisements. Using Canva or Photoshop can help to create an appealing ad. After that, you may use various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Whatsapp or YouTube to place the ads for the targeted customers. While targeting your customers, try to narrow down on the specific regions that offer better prospects. Sales is also about educating your customers. You are the best person who knows more about the product. So, try to explore all aspects related to that product. Customers love to be in constant touch with a person who is genuine and who shares lots of knowledge and ideas. If the shared information is valuable and beneficial then surely it is possible to win the trust of the customers. Try to spend time to learn all the functional aspects of the product including the current market demand as well as the competitors.


Effective Communication

A person who speaks and presents his ideas very well is the one who is likely to attract more people towards him. Try to master the art of speaking fluently. The more you converse, the better you become. Try to socialize more and join various communities that offer you better opportunities to speak and showcase your skills, ideas, and products.


Never Give up

Lastly, be persistent in your approach. Don’t be disappointed when you see a failure. Consider failures as a learning opportunity and try to bounce back strongly. Try to bring innovation to your products. Be aware of the market and learn to take calculated risks.




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