Wednesday, 30 June 2021

How a Mentor and a Team play a crucial role in your Success

Life teaches us valuable lessons. Each day is like a new opportunity gifted to us by God to become a better version of our self. We need to thank God for all the great things that he has given to us. We also need to ensure that we learn, explore and contribute in whatever way we can for the betterment of our self, family, our society, our nation and to this beautiful world.

When we take up any work or a career, we need to make sure that we join the best place that can help us to enhance our skills and help us in bringing the best out of our self. 

Role of a Mentor

A Mentor plays a very important role in shaping up the life of a person. A Mentor is a person who has the experience of becoming successful in a particular area and is now devoted to provide selfless services to people who would like to learn and explore more in that particular area. 

Some people may ask that the mentor is taking fees from us, so how can that be a selfless service. Well, service is a form of energy and every energy spent deserves a equivalent energy to be received. Here the energy received is money which is a form of energy. If we only go behind those things that we get freely, then we would be missing a great opportunity to connect with a great mentor. There is also a saying that we should not be cheap on our way to greatness. If our goals, aspirations and intentions are properly set, then we need to research and look for the best possible ways to reach our outcome.

A great mentor, coach, teacher or a guru is one who understands the talent, capabilities and aspirations of his student. This mentor guides the student and takes steps to bring out the best in him. The mentor does hand-holding to his student to make sure that the student reaches to the state where he is independent and able to perform on his own. Before joining with any mentor, know more about the mentor from other people who has learned from him. Check the profile of the mentor. Look at the reviews of the mentor. All these steps will help you to choose the best mentor for pursuing your career, goals and ambitions. 

Role of a Team

Apart from the mentor, a Team also plays a crucial role in the growth of an individual. Connecting with the right teammates is essential and make your progress towards to your goals even more easy. When you collaborate, you see that you are learning and sharing from others. Certain things that you have missed out or are unaware might be known to your teammates. A team also motivates you to perform. When we see our fellow team members doing well automatically we also charge ourselves to rise up and perform. Working independently is good to improve your self development skills. However, teamwork lets you reach your destination more quicker. Applying our mind to a task is a powerful way to focus our energy to a task. Teamwork is like multiple minds working towards a common goal. So the energy flow towards attracting the common goal will be even more stronger.

Even as an Author or a Blogger, it is good to connect with the best person, people or a group who has seen success in their respective areas like content writing, editing, cover designing, marketing, promotions etc. By doing so, we only improve the quality of our work and takes steps towards greatness.

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By Deepak Devaraj

Author of the BestSelling Book Unlimited Energy and The Power of Thoughts and Visualization

Saturday, 26 June 2021

Focus on Your Goals


Goals and desires are essential in our lives. Only when we keep goals, objectives or desires, we tend to pursue them. As we pursue them, we see that we learn a lot of new things. It opens up new doors of knowledge and wisdom. Sometimes during the pursue of our goal, we come across situations or events that trigger in us new goals or opportunities. This is how life continues and becomes eventful. 

During these eventful times while pursuing our material goals, we would also get a chance to realize our life purpose. This life purpose would be the true purpose of our soul.

Let us now look at some of the ways by which we can focus on our goals :

  • Identify your goals. Goals are mostly short term targets that you would like to achieve within a given time frame.  
  • Write down your goals in a sheet of paper. 
  • Mention why these goals are very important for you in your life.  
  • Set a realistic target date as to when you would like to achieve your goal.  
  • List down the list of factors that would help you in achieving your goals.  
  • Break down your goals into small specific milestones and set specific timelines for achieving your milestones.
  • Track your progress each day on achieving your milestones. 
  • Make sure that you note the challenges and risks that you are likely to face in your path towards achieving your goal. 
  • Note down a detailed plan or the ways by which you can get your challenges and risks sorted out. This can also be approaching the right kind of a mentor or people with the relevant experience who can guide you to your desired goal.
  • Connect with the right kind of people who is also having the same goal as yourself. This will keep you motivated and your learning experience enjoyable.

  • Make sure you pin your goals and milestones to a board or your desktop so that you would notice them everyday. 
  • Write an affirmation statement specifying that you are cheerful and excited of having achieved your goal. 
  • Visualize daily in front of a mirror of having achieved the goal and enjoying the benefits of your achievement. Notice the positive vibrations within you of having achieved your goal.
  • Whatever task you have planned to complete in your mind, the best time to do that is now. Never delay or procrastinate the things that you had in your mind because tomorrow there can be some other new things coming up in your path.
  • Meditate on a daily basis so that you bring clarity of thoughts, self awareness, intuitive powers etc.  Meditation also helps to reduce the flow of unwanted thoughts in your mind thereby making your focus and concentration sharper.
  • Regular Mediation would help you to tap into the knowledge base of the universe and thereby provide you with fresh and innovative ideas that would be of useful to you in achieving your goals. 
  • Practice Yoga on a regular basis to increase your self awareness and to provide flexibility and agility to your body and also to remove any physical blocks from your body.  
  • Practice Pranayama on a regular basis so that you taken in fresh oxygen from the atmosphere which would help you to always be in good health and to remove energy blocks in your system and make your energy system free flowing and powerful. Anulom Vilom, which is the Alternate nostril breathing exercise helps to activate both sides of your brain. Kapalabhati helps to remove harmful toxins from the body.
  • Be mindful of the thoughts that you take in every time and make sure you don't invite any sort of negative thoughts that would derail you from achieving your goals.  
  • Maintain good food habits.  
  • Drink plenty of water on a daily basis so that there is enough energy and oxygen in your body. Water also activates the brain and the thinking power.
  • Exercise daily and make sure you are always active and Agile.  
  • Practice sound therapy sessions that would help to relax and heal your body.  


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By Deepak Devaraj

Author of the BestSelling Book Unlimited Energy


Friday, 25 June 2021

Spirituality vs Religion

Spirituality and Religion both exists in our society. But do we all know what it stands for?

Some people say that both are the same. Well in this post I would like to highlight my viewpoints on both these topics.

I would also like to highlight some differences between both and also my opinion on which can be better. 

Here I wouldn't be going into the specifics of any religion because I believe all religions are for the good of humanity.

Please note that these are just my personal opinions based on my knowledge and experience and if you feel you disagree with me then you are always free to comment. I would only be happy to respond to your queries.

  • Religion is man-made as it is based on the teachings of certain prophets, masters, saints, gurus who have received certain revelations, insights, wisdom etc from the Higher power.
  • Religion is a simple way to understand God. Religion can be explained to people based on certain stories and epics of events that happened on this planet. 
  • Focusing on idols, pictures, light source, specific directions are simple ways to pray and communicate with God.
  • By religion, even small children can be explained about God by referring to stories, pictures, movies, cartoons, comics, books etc.
  • On the basis of religion, all religions differ in a some ways because the path followed by each religion is different from the other religion.
  • In Spirituality on the other hand, the beliefs of people following different faith come at a common point of understanding.
  • As per Spirituality, we humans and other living beings are spiritual souls who have originated from the Supreme soul.

  • As per Spirituality, the soul is always in a peaceful, blissful, joy and in a happy state. It is our mind which gets entangled in positive and negative emotions.
  • Spirituality helps us to realize the blissful nature of our true inner self and take steps to get closer and closer to it.
  • The goal of Spirituality is for the Spiritual soul to realize it's true purpose of life. Each soul has taken a human form for a definite purpose. As we move ahead with our journey of life, it is our duty to learn from valuable life experiences and to connect with our inner self to find our deep driven purpose.
  • Some of the techniques that can be taken up to get closer and closer to our inner-self are Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Reiki, Law of Attraction, Subconscious Mind Reprogramming, Affirmation, Visualization, Grounding, Gratitude, Forgiveness etc. These techniques are not tied to any religion and can be taken up by anybody for their benefits.
  • The concepts of Spirituality seems difficult to understand for many as the logical mind of the human always looks for visible proof.
  • Certain concepts like Energy, Vibrations, Frequency, Cosmic Energy, Energy Channelizing, Energy Healing, Higher Consciousness, Chakras, Nadis etc is not know to many people which makes the understanding of Spirituality even more harder.
  • Spirituality is one place where people from different faith including Atheists can be brought together with unity. Some of the Atheists that I have talked to say that they don't believe in all these rules, customs, traditions and blind beliefs. However they say that they believe in a Higher Power and that this Universe has not come out of nothing but by some creator.
  • Both Religion and Spirituality are not generally taught as a formal education in schools. However, there are religions organizations which do offer religious teachings. For Spirituality however, the number of institutions teaching it is lesser than that of religions.
  • Spirituality is mainly based on the experience of the person. Sometimes the person cannot show any visible proof when it comes to Spirituality. Also the level of each person differs. Some people complain that they can't Meditate as thoughts keep on coming. However there are some highly evolved Spiritual beings who can even see visions by doing Meditation.
  • Every object in this world including us are energy objects. Money, Success, Happiness, Light, Sound etc are energy vibrations. To manifest or achieve great things in life, we need to vibrate at higher energy vibrations like happiness, peace, bliss, love, gratitude and forgiveness etc. This is also the basis of Spirituality.
  • The visible forms of Energy are Sun, Moon, Earth, Planets, Stars etc. All these are high energy objects. Apart from that there is something called Cosmic Energy which is abundant throughout the Universe and which we can channelize for our benefits by using techniques like Meditation, Pranayama or Reiki.
  • Spirituality is like an Advanced form of Religion.
  • 99% of an atom is made up of electromagnetic energy due to the fast movement of the 1% matter called electrons. This explains why human beings and also this whole Universe are actually energy objects.
  • Even though Spirituality looks like reality, I would suggest do not avoid the teachings of your own religion as religion is a simple way to understand God.
  • All religions are true and great and give us good guidelines on how to realize God, live a happy and a peaceful life. 

Let us accept the great messages offered by our religions and also take some steps to understand and learn Spirituality.

Spirituality is not only for the grown-ups but for any young person who likes to learn and explore more on these topics.

There is no question of comparison between religions on which is better because all religions are great and gives us the knowledge about God. The greatness of Spirituality and Religion should not be belittled by insignificant arguments or judgements between people of different faiths.

We as Indians should be proud of our rich culture and the coexistence of people of different religion, caste, languages etc.


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By Deepak Devaraj

Author of the BestSelling Book Unlimited Energy

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

The Power of being Patient

Patience is a quality that is as important as having the right skills or the talent. Many times we may have seen people doing very well at the beginning and fail to capitalize on the great start that they have displayed. Let us look at few examples and scenarios by which we can understand that being Patient is a very important quality that needs to be inculcated in our lives. 

MS Dhoni, also known as Captain Cool is one of the most successful batsman and a captain for Team India. There is no question regarding his skill as a captain, batsman and as a wicketkeeper. However, there is an important quality in him that sets him apart from the rest of the players. What is that important quality ? He is always patient in his approach during the game. Even if India is in a tight situation during the final overs, you would see MS Dhoni relaxed, calm and composed. Even some players from the best teams crumble under pressure. In cricket and for any other sport, sometimes what differentiates between good players and great players is the ability to become patient and stay calm under pressure. In tennis sometimes it is that rare double fault due to lack of focus and patience that tilt a match in a player's favour. Even in football, we get to see last minute goals that change the fortunes of many teams.

Even during family relationships, we need to make sure we hear what our partner has to say to us without jumping into conclusions. When we listen to our partner patiently, we also give them a feeling that they are being cared for and that their opinion is being valued. The same applies to our children. Patiently listening to the views of our children would give them the feeling of being important and a confidence to express openly.

Let us consider another scenario where an employee of an organization works very hard. He puts in lot of extra effort in his tasks and makes sure that he delivers quality work. For 11 consecutive months he did great work. On the final month of the year he starts losing his patience to hold on to the good work that he had done till that time. His mind starts to drift into other modes of activities like not taking up much work, leaving early to home, chatting with his team mates, regularly looking at his mobile updates, missing important meetings etc.

After the completion of the yearly appraisal, this employee ends up getting average ratings and thereby a limited salary increment. All the good work that he did for the past 11 months went unnoticed and his average performance that he had given in the last 1 month alone became the main factor of his yearly performance ratings.


If this person had been a little more patient and continued with the same kind of performance for 1 more month, things would have been different. This is the problem faced by some people. They start very well and within few weeks or months they lose their focus and patience and then experience a performance decline. Being patient at the most critical moments of life becomes noticed and recognized always. 

During situations when there is a some serious argument happening between two people, a person who stays calm and quiet would be in a better position to improve the situation than a person who prefers to fight over it. Here I'm not saying that we should always remain quiet and not go for any arguments. We need to assess the situation wisely and speak when it is really required. In all other cases, it is better to let go and focus on our matters.

People likes a person who stays calm at trying circumstances. Such a person wins the respect of everyone. Even a single person in the group has the potential to improve the positivity of the whole group by demonstrating his ability to be patient, calm and composed. Sometimes being patient gives you the extra time to assess the situation better and come out with a better solution. The above are some of the examples and scenarios that demonstrates that patience is indeed a powerful quality to acquire.

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Monday, 21 June 2021

How to make the best use of Time


Time is a valuable resource in our life. A person who makes the best use of time is bound to achieve great things in life. The time taken to complete a particular task can vary from a person to person depending on the skills and abilities of the person. Even for the same person, the same task can be done in few hours, days, or even months based on the level of commitment, perseverance, discipline, and procrastination.

When there is a requirement to do a critical job that involves the sake of the nation, society, organizations, governing bodies etc, it is always essential to assign the work to a person skilled in that particular profession. This is the reason why we say that when we choose a person for a critical job we should be unbiased in our selection. Recommendations and reservations should not be encouraged in such cases. We need the best people to do the work for our society, organization, nation, and world. Only then we would see our nation and this world progressing. Along with the right skills and talent, the belief system also comes into play. The person needs to own the responsibility and believe in his mind that he is the best person to do this task successfully in the given amount of time.

Now let us come to the case of making the best use of time. If we would like to excel in any task that we are asked to do, we need to have the following qualities :

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Commitment
  • Passion
  • Perseverance
  • Focus
  • Concentration
We have seen how knowledge, skills and experience play an important role. Apart from that, the person needs to have an interest and passion towards the task that he is doing. After that comes commitment and perseverance. Nothing in this world comes for free. We may have to work hard and toil ourselves sometimes to reach our desired goal. Apart from hard work, belief as mentioned before is also very important. 

Let us now look at focus and concentration and how it plays a major role to make the best use of time. Let me take the example of this blog that I am writing. I have given a time limit of 1 hour to myself to complete this blog and I am sure that I will be able to complete this within the given time. I have done this many times in the past and I'm sure that I will be able to do this again. Participating in challenges and competitions like this, only motivates me to bring out the best in myself. At the same time, if I had not set any target for myself, I could have easily sat on this blog for 2-3 days and sometimes even 1 week. 

So what could be the reason that the same blog which I could have done in 1 hour could have taken 2-3 days sometimes or even 1 week? The level of procrastination, laziness, delaying my work or the lack of interest and seriousness has got a role to play here to extend the time taken to complete my task. When I am committed, I make sure that I focus on the task at hand. When I focus, the energy flows to the task. During this time, I need to make sure that I am in a quiet room without any distractions. When the attention and intention towards the task become strong, there is undivided concentration. Every cell of my body would then be focusing on achieving my desired result. This is how we achieve our goals and desires. This is how we make the best use of the available time. 

One other thing to keep in mind is to choose a quiet time to do your task. When there is less noise around you, you tend to focus better and then you start to be in a flow. When you are in this relaxed, focussed and in a flow state, you would also be able to tap into a higher consciousness of wisdom where you get answers and solutions to your task. This is a happy and cheerful state to be in. This is when we appreciate ourselves and our work and also our ability to make the best use of time.

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Saturday, 19 June 2021

How kids are a source of energy


Kids are full of energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes you wonder how do they maintain their energy levels even after playing for many hours. During hectic work schedules, if you would like to take a break and get some fresh dose of energy, then playing with kids is a very good option.

Some of you may be surprised at how kids can be a source of energy. There might be some people who stay away from kids when they are focussing on something very serious. They believe that being with kids during that time is something like asking for more trouble. Well, the energy levels of babies and also small kids are very pure and steady. 

Since babies and kids are less exposed to the daily activities of the material world, their mind is still stable and steady. The number of unwanted thoughts in kids is very less. As a result, there are not many mental blocks or any sort of energetic blocks when it comes to kids. Due to these reasons the Aura around a child is also very pure and without any negative vibration. Aura is an energy field around a person. We Human Beings are energy beings and mainly consist of electromagnetic energy. Aura is another layer on top of our energy body. Those people who vibrate with positivity, happiness and love always have a pure Aura around them. Kids are known to have a pure Aura around them as they are less impacted towards negativity.

These are some of the reasons which suggest that kids are a source of energy as their energy vibrations are pure. Try to hold a baby regularly whenever you get the chance. Apart from that, you also feel very relaxed when you converse with kids. Usually, kids think in a straightforward way. Even though their knowledge is limited, it is interesting to notice how they think and speak on a particular topic. Try to motivate kids whenever you get a chance. Kids like love and support very much. They develop into a promising person once they are encouraged and supported. Today's kids are tomorrow's leaders. It is our responsibility to bring the best out of each child.

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Friday, 18 June 2021

How to discover your Hidden Talent ?

I truly believe we all have a sleeping giant within us. Each of us has a talent, a gift, our own bit of genius just waiting to be tapped. It might be a talent for art or music... a special way of relating to the ones you love. It might be a genius for selling or innovating.... I choose to believe that our Creator doesn't play favorites, that we've all been created unique, but with equal opportunities for experiencing life to the fullest.

- Tony Robbins

Every Human Being is blessed with Infinite abilities and Unlimited capabilities. It is our responsibility to uncover the gifts that we are blessed with, in our life. There are certain skills on which a person has a better taste and is more talented. 

How do we realize our hidden talents and skills? At a very young age, it is the responsibility of the parent to observe their child very closely and make them participate in various activities. The parents need to encourage their children and not criticize them for their mistakes or failures. Each failure teaches a new experience. Facing failures should not be a problem at all. The important point is that, the child needs to rise up from failures and setbacks and come back stronger.

As a person progresses in his life, he would start noticing that there are certain subjects on which the person has better interest. The brain has 2 sides. The left side is the logical part which involves skills related to aptitude, reasoning, analysis, calculation etc. The right side of the brain is the creative part which involves creative skills like reading, writing, exploring, discovering etc. Some people are more towards the logical type of skills whereas some others are more towards the creative aspects. Then there is a certain section of the people who are involved in both these types of skills.

There are some people who took up a profession by chance and later realized that they are not suitable for it. There are 2 options for such people. They need to closely introspect their performance in their current role and check if they are really unsuitable as they think. Many great people have come out to be successful in their life after seeing many failures and setbacks in their life. These people have used these failures as learning lessons in their journey of life or career. So it is always good to introspect your performance regularly if you feel that you are not suitable for something. Another option is to take up some hobby or a passion in parallel and work on them. Who knows, sometimes this hobby or passion can later turn out to be a full-time profession in your real life. The idea is to show passion, commitment, persistence and perseverance in whatever you take up. Just realize that your mind is very powerful indeed. If you focus with your mind on something, there is a huge flow of energy going into that activity. A focused mind with undivided attention will surely help you to give your best on that particular task.

Practices like Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation helps you to connect with your inner self and thereby realize your true passion, purpose and mission in life. Your inner self is full of peace, bliss, happiness and joy. Connecting with this true self will give you new insights and direction in your journey of life.

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Thursday, 17 June 2021

What is Time ?

Time is a measurement that is constructed based on the rotation of the earth around it's axis and also by the revolution of the earth around the sun.

For many years humans have observed that the time taken for rotation of the earth is almost the same. This is observed by the time the sun rises. Similarly, the time it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun is also a constant. This pattern studied by humans for many years gave rise to the man-made construct called time.

Time is the same logical concept throughout the earth. There are different time zones based on the location and region of the earth. While one portion of the earth receives the daylight there is another portion of the earth receiving the moonlight at the same time.  

Time is not a concept that is the same at the Universal level. The time that we know is only specific to the laws of nature within the earth. If you move to another planet, the pattern of time becomes completely different from the pattern that we are aware of. This is because different planets have different times length of rotation and revolution. To understand this, let us consider 2 planets A and B. A person living on planet A will consider the time at planet B only with respect to the time at planet A. Similarly, a person living on planet B would measure the time of planet A only with respect to the time on planet B. 

1 day of time within a planet of a higher dimension can correspond to many days, months or even years within the planet earth. Such information can be seen in religious texts which speak of the big difference of time between the higher dimensions and the lower dimensions of the Universe. This can also mean that the stars we see during the nighttime are actually the state of the stars many years back. The reason for this is that the light energy from the stars can takes years of time to reach our naked eyes. Even the light energy from the sun takes 8 minutes to reach our eyes.

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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

How are certain people always connected to each other


Life is a wonderful gift given to us by God. Life becomes more blissful and joyful when we connect with loving people always. We need not always be with the same set of people throughout our life. Sometimes we get a chance to know and interact with new people as part of our education, job, business, hobbies, passion etc. 

Our family is the first and the best connection that we have in our life. It is good that we nurture this relationship for a long period. We need to make sure that we provide joy, love, happiness and support to our family members. Apart from our family or relatives, our friends also do play a major role in our life. Some of these friends go on to become a part of our life for many years. Whenever we have any concerns or issues in our life we look upon these friends to share our feelings with.

Why do we see some friends continue to be part of our life for many years whereas some others just move out of our lives and never appear again? We human beings are energetic beings. We vibrate at a particular frequency of emotions. Sometimes when we are very happy we vibrate in higher frequencies of emotions. Whereas on some other times when we are feeling very low we vibrate at lower frequencies of emotions.

Now, what are these higher and lower frequency states? Feelings of love, peace, happiness, joy, love, gratitude and forgiveness are said to be in higher frequency levels. These feelings ensure that there is proper energy flow throughout our bodies. Some of the lower frequency states are feelings of worry, anxiety, fear, anger, stress, guilt and shame. These lower frequency states create mental and energetic blocks within our bodies. These energetic blocks are harmful and can be the cause of negative situations in our life.

Now coming back to our discussion, there are some people who regularly vibrate with positivity whereas there are some people who regularly vibrate with negativity. Similar kinds of people gets along with each other. Like frequencies always attract each other. This is the reason why a person who consistently vibrates with a particular frequency always attracts people who vibrate at that frequency. This is also the reason why we see successful people become more successful in their life. The kind of friendship that successful people make are people who have achieved success in their respective lives. Some other examples are Film stars who look to marry within the film world itself. Doctors look to marry someone from the same profession itself. A Software Engineer prefers to marry from the same profession. The reason behind this could be to match the thought patterns, wavelength and also the frequency of vibrations. 

We also see people with similar interests coming together and sharing ideas, hobbies, passion etc. There are many clubs, platforms where people with similar interests get to join and get the chance to connect with like-minded people.

Such groups or teams having similar goals, objectives and interests when they collaborate together they achieve good things together. This the reason why teamwork is given more importance than individual brilliance in life. A team that shares and gets along well can achieve things faster than a highly intelligent person.

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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Familiar Face? Not Exactly!

Have you faced such situations in your life where you feel that you have seen a person somewhere but just couldn't recollect it?

The person who you feel that you have met would not even be knowing you at all.

Well, there can be some chances that you may have met that person during some events that you both might have participated in. Even on social media, you come across many new people on a daily basis through some posts or comments. It could be that you met this person on such a platform.

Let's assume that you haven't met that person at all in your lifetime. Yet you still feel that you are related to that person or have some sort of connection with him.

One explanation could be that you would have known him in your past life. Yes, there may be some people who don't agree with the idea of a past life. However, there are more reasons to believe in this possibility. The memories of your previous life are stored in your subconscious mind. However, due to the interaction with the material world, the Conscious mind gets attracted to the day-to-day events that happen in life. As the conscious mind gets involved in all these daily tasks, these memories of the past life remain hidden or untapped.

Regular practice of Meditation can help to uncover these memories to a small extent.
Even in your dreams, these mental images of your previous lifetime can appear in a faint manner. This could be one of the reasons that you meet some people n your dreams that you have never met in your present life. You may also have been to places in your dream which were nowhere related to the places that you had visited in your present life.

Another example that can be noticed is in the case of small babies. You could see babies laughing at times in their 1st or 2nd month. Babies learn to laugh only in their 3rd or 4th month. One reason why a 2-month-old baby, who is yet to learn how to laugh, is able to laugh in their sleep state is that the baby is seeing dreams regularly. You would be curious to know how babies with no life experience are able to see dreams and smile. During their sleep state, babies being in their delta wave state and with less interaction with the material world is able to easily tap into their subconscious mind more effectively and thereby retrieve mental images of their previous lifetime. Some of these mental images could be happy scenarios that would make the baby smile even when they are yet to learn how to smile. Grown-up adults, however, wouldn't easily be able to tap into their subconscious mind like how a baby does. This is because the mind of a grown-up adult is more attracted to the situations of the material world.

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Save your Memories

Life is a wonderful gift given to us by God. As we proceed to do great things in life, it is also important to capture those mom...