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How to cure Stammering

Stammering is a speech disorder and the inability to speak a word or a sentence in a proper manner. Stammering can be described as blockages or hindrances in the speech of a person resulting long pauses or repetitions of certain syllables etc. 

Stammering is mainly a psychological issue which happens due to lack of confidence, inferiority complex, worry, anxiety, fear, unsecured and unstable feelings. It is not a physical problem. 

Sometimes when you talk to yourself or to your family members you don't stammer. However when you go out and meet unfamiliar people you start to stammer. 

The below are some of the steps that can be practiced to overcome stammering :

  • Choose a topic and speak in front of the mirror. Notice how well you are speaking. Look yourself at the mirror. Observe how relaxed your whole face is while you are speaking. This actually signifies that you are actually a fluent speaker.

  • Before you go out to speak to a person, do a mind rehearsal for few times. Think about the topic that you would be speaking about. Collect all necessary information related to that topic. This increases your confidence when you go to speak.

  • Practice Wayne Cook Posture exercises on a daily basis. Do other forms of exercises and also Yoga.

  • If you practice Reiki, then apply Reiki on your Throat Chakra and visualize the Cosmic Energy flowing to your throat Chakra and healing it.

  • If you don't practice Reiki, then just do a Prayer or Meditation to God and visualize receiving the blessings of God in the form of Cosmic Energy. Visualize this Cosmic energy coming down slowly to your Throat Chakra and cleansing, healing and energizing it.

  • Never feel inferior in front of the person you are talking to. Remember all great people were once ordinary people who had seen many failures and setbacks in their life. They had to work very hard to reach to the top. 

  • Be very patient with your progress. Realize that this problem of yours will certainly be resolved. It is only a matter of time.

  • Before you speak take few deep breaths. This helps you to relax yourself before you make your point. Practice deep breathing exercises like Bhastrika regularly to keep you relaxed. Practice Anulom Vilom Pranayama which is an Alternate nostril breathing exercise to balance both sides of your brain.

  • Practice Ujjayi Pranayama which is a deep breathing exercise done through the throat. You do this by closing your mouth and constricting your throat thereby creating a friction sound at the throat during deep inhalation. 

  • Always try your best to talk slowly, softly and with full of confidence and a smile. Remember that this is just a psychological issue. If you master your mind, thoughts and emotions then you will surely be able to overcome this issue.

  • Don't worry about what others will think when you stammer in your speech. Don't misunderstand that they are happy that you are faltering and would make fun of you. The fact of the matter is that others are sympathizing with you and hoping that your speech issues would be resolved soon.

  • Always affirm to yourself that you are talking very confidently, clearly and fluently.

  • Be Mindful of your thoughts and never invite any feelings of fear, worry, depression or desperation to your mind.

  • Apply the Law of Attraction and affirm to yourself that You are very happy and thankful that you are speaking very fluently. Visualize achieving the end result of yourself becoming a fluent speaker and speaking confidently among the public. Visualize the happiness, enthusiasm and gratitude feelings that you are vibrating with.

  • Try to make yourself happy and cheerful always by engaging in interesting activities or hobbies.

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