Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Positive thoughts for Working Professionals

“You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles.” —Zig Ziglar, Motivational speaker

Work life balance is a big concern for many people nowadays. Having a happy and a peaceful life with family members is a lucky thing for many people. At the same time doing well in their jobs, getting good promotions and recognition is also essential for many people to grow up in their career ladder and thereby to earn a good salary for a contended life.

How can you balance both life and work together successfully? What are the steps to be taken to have a peaceful life at home and at the office? How can you overcome the pressure at your workplace? These are some of the questions that most people have. 

Let us discuss some of these issues and see what steps can be taken to overcome them :

  • Strict deadlines at work : There are times when we face strict deadlines at work to complete our deliverables. We may be asked to complete a deliverable in half the amount of actual time that it would really take. 
            Solution :
    • Foresee the work or challenges before hand. Many times we would be knowing about a major work coming our way before hand. So it's better to be prepared for that situation before hand. If you had mentally prepared for that situation before hand then during the actual situation things would have been relatively easy.

    • Divide the given task into many sub tasks. Take up these sub tasks based on the priority and importance. If there is a possibility to delegate the unimportant and less familiar sub tasks to someone else then it's all the more better. 

    • Before taking up a task get to know more about this task. Talk to people who have worked on this before. Understand the business importance of these tasks. 

    • Affirm and Visualize in your mind that you have successfully delivered these tasks and your Manager and Customer appreciating you for this. 

    • Never worry or get tensed. It only worsens the situation. Believe in your abilities and capabilities. Say to yourself that you have faced many bigger challenges in your life and you have come out successful in those challenges many times. 

  • Fear of losing job : 
            Solution :
    • Always keep a backup option in your mind. Don't take anything for granted. Develop your skills in the background while you are still working with a company. This can help yourself as well as the company if you are improving your skills and capabilities. 
    • Never fear. It only makes matters worse. It affects your current performance. It would then also make your exit process with your current company more fast. So why do you need to invite that ? 
    • Rather than fear of losing job, focus on gaining some knowledge and experience from your present company. Make your experience in your present company a worthwhile experience for you so that some years down the line when you look back at this experience you can say to yourself that you have gained atleast this one particular experience.

  • Lack of Promotion, Salary Hike and Rewards :
           Solution :

    • Focus on doing well in your work. Be patient. Keep studying and preparing in parallel. If you are not planning to leave the company for better opportunities, then be patient. Surely your hardwork, commitment and responsibility will be taken to notice. It is all just a matter of time. Just think about it. Do you feel more satisfied by getting your reward easily without putting any effort or do you feel more satisfied when you receive your reward after putting days and months of hard and intelligent work? Many of you would surely prefer the second option. So just concentrate of learning and giving your best always. Results will surely follow.

  • Strenuous job affecting health :
            Solution : 
    • Make sure you exercise on a daily basis just before you begin your work. Even 10 minutes of exercise would help you a lot. 
    • Take breaks in between and go for a walk or just stretch yourself.
    • Be Mindful of your thoughts and avoid any form of negative thoughts that can go against your progress in work or your health.
    • Make friends at your workplace. Go for team lunch and for tea with your teammates.
    • Improve your social contacts and get to know people who work on similar skills and technologies like you.

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