Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Mirror Technique

Mirror technique is a method by which a person chooses a topic and speaks in front of the mirror on that particular topic so as to gain confidence and practice. Mirror technique is a very useful technique to boost your confidence, will power, self love, self acceptance, health etc.

Everyday it is good if we can reserve 5-10 minutes of our time for mirror practice. Let us see some of the ways by which we can apply Mirror technique to our lives :

  • Speech preparation : Before we deliver an actual speech in front of the public, it is good that we practice mirror technique to check our knowledge, gain some practice and watch our delivery of speech.

  • Self love : It is necessary that the first person that we need to love in this world is we our self. Before we love our family members, relatives, friends and the society it is essential that we love our self and keep ourselves in very good health so that we can then play an important role in helping others. Some of the affirmations we can say in the front of the mirror are :

    • I'm proud of myself for performing well and winning the competition.

    • I'm thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful family, relatives and friends. 

    • I'm thankful to God for helping me realize my true potential and talent.

    • I admire my looks, skills and talent. 

    • I'm very happy that I am able to control my mind and thoughts etc. 

    • I'm very happy that I am able to manage all my work very easily.

    • I'm very happy and proud of myself that I'm able to communicate in a fluent and a confident manner.

  • Health : This many sound curious to you but yes, Mirror technique does help in even curing your diseases. By constructing specific affirmation statements that is in present tense and without any negative keyword is essential. It is good to repeat these affirmations everyday. By repeating them regularly and believing in them, every cell in the body works towards that particular belief. After some days or months you would see your health improving positively as you wanted to. 

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