Wednesday 21 April 2021

Effect of thoughts and feelings towards the Subconscious mind


The Human mind consists of mainly 2 parts - Conscious and the Subconscious. We use our Conscious mind for our daily activities. The subconscious mind on the other hand is a powerful storehouse of information. However, most of the people don't use the Power of their subconscious mind knowingly.

The Subconscious mind cannot distinguish between a true and a false statement. Whatever thoughts the conscious mind feeds to it, the subconscious accepts it as true and starts to work upon them. 

Remember the first time you tried to drive a bicycle ? Initially you must have found it difficult to maintain the control and balance. Since there was no existing neural pathway created in the brain for riding a bicycle, your mind found it difficult initially. However, after days and months of practice you become more and more better at it. You then find it so very easy to ride a bicycle that you start feeling that you can even ride it in a relaxed mode. So what happens here is that, many days of practice creates a new neural pathway in the brain which creates a strong impression in the subconscious mind. Later, after many years, when you reach the same situation of riding a bicycle, your subconscious mind picks up the previous incidents that are related to that incident and you would find yourself easily able to ride a bicycle.

To train our subconscious mind we generally use Affirmations and Visualization. Our ability to construct Affirmations in a correct manner helps us to achieve the things that we desire. Visualization is another powerful way to train our Subconscious Mind. 

Thoughts and emotions play a very major role in making the best use of our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind responds to feelings and emotions faster than words as language is not mandatory while training the subconscious. When you add emotions to your Affirmations, it becomes all the more powerful. Emotions has the power to directly affect the Subconscious Mind. So it is always necessary to maintain positive emotions. Gratitude is also a very powerful positive emotion that needs to be used in the Affirmation statements.

Some of the Affirmations with positive emotions that you can use to train your subconscious mind are :

  • I am glad and grateful that my health is very good.

  • I feel happy, I feel cheerful and I feel fantastic.

  •  I thank God for blessing me with a loving family.

  • I thank the Universe for blessing me with abundance and prosperity.

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  1. Useful posts, we must each focus and try to understand self

  2. Agree, affirmations can be powerful!


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