Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Familiar Face? Not Exactly!

Have you faced such situations in your life where you feel that you have seen a person somewhere but just couldn't recollect it?

The person who you feel that you have met would not even be knowing you at all.

Well, there can be some chances that you may have met that person during some events that you both might have participated in. Even on social media, you come across many new people on a daily basis through some posts or comments. It could be that you met this person on such a platform.

Let's assume that you haven't met that person at all in your lifetime. Yet you still feel that you are related to that person or have some sort of connection with him.

One explanation could be that you would have known him in your past life. Yes, there may be some people who don't agree with the idea of a past life. However, there are more reasons to believe in this possibility. The memories of your previous life are stored in your subconscious mind. However, due to the interaction with the material world, the Conscious mind gets attracted to the day-to-day events that happen in life. As the conscious mind gets involved in all these daily tasks, these memories of the past life remain hidden or untapped.

Regular practice of Meditation can help to uncover these memories to a small extent.
Even in your dreams, these mental images of your previous lifetime can appear in a faint manner. This could be one of the reasons that you meet some people n your dreams that you have never met in your present life. You may also have been to places in your dream which were nowhere related to the places that you had visited in your present life.

Another example that can be noticed is in the case of small babies. You could see babies laughing at times in their 1st or 2nd month. Babies learn to laugh only in their 3rd or 4th month. One reason why a 2-month-old baby, who is yet to learn how to laugh, is able to laugh in their sleep state is that the baby is seeing dreams regularly. You would be curious to know how babies with no life experience are able to see dreams and smile. During their sleep state, babies being in their delta wave state and with less interaction with the material world is able to easily tap into their subconscious mind more effectively and thereby retrieve mental images of their previous lifetime. Some of these mental images could be happy scenarios that would make the baby smile even when they are yet to learn how to smile. Grown-up adults, however, wouldn't easily be able to tap into their subconscious mind like how a baby does. This is because the mind of a grown-up adult is more attracted to the situations of the material world.

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  1. An interesting idea that we can recall past lives. I've always been curious about my past life and how it affects my present. Good read!

  2. Thanks a lot Brinda.
    Yes it's a interesting topic to know more about our past and how it has an effect in our present life.

  3. I have heard about babies remembering past life instances. But never thought the same could be true for people we feel we have met. Interesting...


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