Wednesday, 16 June 2021

How are certain people always connected to each other


Life is a wonderful gift given to us by God. Life becomes more blissful and joyful when we connect with loving people always. We need not always be with the same set of people throughout our life. Sometimes we get a chance to know and interact with new people as part of our education, job, business, hobbies, passion etc. 

Our family is the first and the best connection that we have in our life. It is good that we nurture this relationship for a long period. We need to make sure that we provide joy, love, happiness and support to our family members. Apart from our family or relatives, our friends also do play a major role in our life. Some of these friends go on to become a part of our life for many years. Whenever we have any concerns or issues in our life we look upon these friends to share our feelings with.

Why do we see some friends continue to be part of our life for many years whereas some others just move out of our lives and never appear again? We human beings are energetic beings. We vibrate at a particular frequency of emotions. Sometimes when we are very happy we vibrate in higher frequencies of emotions. Whereas on some other times when we are feeling very low we vibrate at lower frequencies of emotions.

Now, what are these higher and lower frequency states? Feelings of love, peace, happiness, joy, love, gratitude and forgiveness are said to be in higher frequency levels. These feelings ensure that there is proper energy flow throughout our bodies. Some of the lower frequency states are feelings of worry, anxiety, fear, anger, stress, guilt and shame. These lower frequency states create mental and energetic blocks within our bodies. These energetic blocks are harmful and can be the cause of negative situations in our life.

Now coming back to our discussion, there are some people who regularly vibrate with positivity whereas there are some people who regularly vibrate with negativity. Similar kinds of people gets along with each other. Like frequencies always attract each other. This is the reason why a person who consistently vibrates with a particular frequency always attracts people who vibrate at that frequency. This is also the reason why we see successful people become more successful in their life. The kind of friendship that successful people make are people who have achieved success in their respective lives. Some other examples are Film stars who look to marry within the film world itself. Doctors look to marry someone from the same profession itself. A Software Engineer prefers to marry from the same profession. The reason behind this could be to match the thought patterns, wavelength and also the frequency of vibrations. 

We also see people with similar interests coming together and sharing ideas, hobbies, passion etc. There are many clubs, platforms where people with similar interests get to join and get the chance to connect with like-minded people.

Such groups or teams having similar goals, objectives and interests when they collaborate together they achieve good things together. This the reason why teamwork is given more importance than individual brilliance in life. A team that shares and gets along well can achieve things faster than a highly intelligent person.

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  1. A brilliant piece on how connectivity helps you to succeed in life. I too believe that positive vibrations come from certain people.

  2. Thanks a lot Brinda.
    Nice to know that you also agree on the same.

  3. I think it is also effort in staying connected over the years with certain people that makes us close to each other.

    I never thought about how we attract people with the same frequency as ours. It's a lovely thought.

  4. Thank you for writing, enjoyed reading this post.


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