Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Inner Self - Our Greatest Gift


The greatest asset that we possess in our life is our inner-self. During our day-to-day activities, we sometimes tend to forget to spend some time for our inner-self. We normally prioritize and get into the activities that we feel are critical for our survival. During these critical times, we tend to avoid or disregard any activity that relates to our self-development. We take our inner-self for granted and say to ourselves that other tasks are more important for us and so let's focus on them.  


Our Affirmative World

Our external world is a manifestation of our inner-self. What we believe, is what we get in our reality. If we consistently feel that we do not deserve to get something because of our self-limitation, then we would find that the opportunities related to that particular thing remain hidden from us. We need to realize that there is nothing that holds us back from achieving anything in our life.   Practice Affirmation on a daily basis with a feeling that we have already reached our desired state. Experience the vibrations of joy and happiness when we maintain the feeling that we have already reached that desired state. 


Practice Gratitude

We need to be grateful for the gifts that we already have in life. The fresh air that we get to breathe, the clean water that we get to drink, the healthy food that we get to eat 3 times a day. All these are blessings that God has provided us. When you take these things for granted, just think about those people living on this planet who were deprived of these basic things. A person feels the pain when he starts losing something that he uses regularly. So whatever we have in our life in this present moment, we must thank God for his blessings. 

The practice of Affirmations and Gratitude help us to accept ourselves with love thereby getting closer to our inner-self.

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