Thursday 22 April 2021

Stop that Stress

Stress is a state of the mind that affects a person in a negative manner. Sometimes due to heavy workload, relationship issues, unsuccessful life, psychological problems etc there can arise feelings of sadness, worry, fear etc in the person. Consistent vibration of these negative emotions can finally lead the person to stress. Stress need not affect different people the same way. Some people find it difficult to cope up with stress whereas some others can easily manage and eliminate stress from their lives. 

Let us look at some of the ways to overcome stress :

  • Be passionate about what you do : Love the work or task that you do. If you consider your work as your hobby or passion then there wouldn't be any stress for you at work. For those who do not like their job and find it challenging it is always good to maintain a hobby every day for sometime. This hobby can be reading, writing, playing a sport, watching TV etc. 

  • Maintain a good pool of friends : Sometimes during those stressful times, it is those close friends who play a major role in bringing you back to your lively moments. Always be in touch with your friends, relatives and your family members. Talking to them helps to reduce the stress from your mind. 

  • Practice Exercises and Yoga : Regular exercise and Yoga helps to eliminate blocks and maintain the energy flow in the body. This also helps to reduce stress. 

  • Practice Pranayama or Deep breathing : Pranayama exercises like Bhastrika, Anulom Vilom helps maintain the flow of Prana in the body and also activates both sides of the brain.   
  • Exercise (Deep Breathing): A small exercise that can be practiced is to sit in a chair with your back straight. Now take a deep breath and visualize the inhalation of the Cosmic Energy. After that hold your breath for 1 minute or so. Now visualize this Cosmic Energy cleansing your body and Chakras and collecting all the negative energy in the form of black color. Now exhale out completely and visualize the negative energy flowing outwards. Once you try this  exercise for 2-3 times, you would observe that you had become very relaxed.

  • Practice Meditation : Regular practice of Meditation helps to remove unwanted thoughts from your mind. It helps you to relax yourself. It helps you to be more focused and relaxed and thereby helps you to focus on your work in a better way. Meditation by Chanting also heals your body and removes stress, weakness, pain etc from your body. 

  • Play some Indoor or Outdoor games : Playing some sport is the best way to destress yourself. In between your working hours if you get any opportunity to play in between, it would definitely become a stress buster and would motivate you with energy once you are back to work.

  • Try out some new interesting activities : Do some reading, writing, walking, running activities that keep you motivated and happy always. Try out some new activities which you had thought of doing in your mind for a long time but didn't get a chance as yet. 

  • Practice effective Affirmations : What you ask for, you receive. If you keep complaining that there is lot of stress in your life then that is what the Universe gives you. You get what you believe. The subconscious mind stores those thoughts that you believe and feel is true. Instead try to affirm to yourself that you have the talent and the capability to manage your work with ease. Another one is I love giving my best in the tasks that I am assigned with. Try to create Affirmations based on what your really desire and want in your life. By doing so the Universe gives what you asked for. 

  • Have a good sleep : Try to maintain good sleep everyday so that your mind and body is relaxed always. Know how much hours is required for your body to have a good sleep. When you wake up fresh in the morning you would be able to do your tasks much better. 

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