Monday, 26 April 2021

The Human Body - As per Science and Spirituality

Human Beings are a wonderful creation of God. The structure of a Human body itself is very complex and complicated. We just have to say that the design of a Human body is indeed a wonderful creation of God. We can describe a Human body in the following ways :

  • Scientifically : At a scientific level the human body consists of organs. These organs are made up of tissues. The 5 senses are controlled by the brain which is the most important organ of the human body. Then there is also the heart which is the circulatory system working to pump the blood throughout the body. There are many other important organs like lungs, stomach, kidney, liver, intestines etc and each play their role in keeping the human body up and running. 

  • Energetically : We Human beings are energetic beings since the organs and tissues are finally made up of atoms. These atoms consists of 99% of blank space which is actually the electromagnetic energy of fast moving electrons. Only the remaining 1% of an atom is matter. So by this we can conclude that a human body consist of 99% of energy and only 1% of matter. Also the human body vibrates at different energy frequencies at different times. The success, health and happiness of a person is determined by the frequency with which he vibrates with. When a person consistently vibrates with lower energy frequencies of fear, worry, anxiety, anger, shame, guilt etc then there is chance that he can get affect by some disease. At the same time, if the person consistently vibrates with positive energy frequencies of love, happiness, peace, gratitude etc then he would surely achieve success in whatever things he do in life. Apart from the energy frequencies, we also have a covering of energy layer around our body which is called Pranashakthi and another layer of energy called Aura. It is said that the Aura also consist of vast amounts of information related to our health, past experiences etc. So energetically speaking there is lot of things even beyond the human body.

  • Spiritually : We are all Spiritual beings having a human experience in this material life. Our material body interacts with the material world through the 5 senses. Beyond the 5 senses there is also a concept called mind which is a storehouse of all the information which is past or present. The self or the soul just acts as a witness to the activities of the mind and the senses. Once the body, mind and the senses interact with the material world there are chances it gets attached to this world and forget its true spiritual self. Through Spiritual practices like Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation etc the human being is able to get closer and closer to its spiritual self.  The self is also able to expand its consciousness and also tap into the higher consciousness for wisdom and knowledge. So as per spirituality we are not just the body or the mind but a much higher power called the soul or the Atma which is indestructible.

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  1. The energy-matter concept is interesting. Human being is a bundle of tremendous energy. He doesn't seem to know what to do with it.


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