Tuesday 27 April 2021

Steering through Pandemic times


The present pandemic situation was totally unprecedented and unpredictable. We had to sadly witness the deaths of many innocent people from different walks of life. The message sent by the nature is straight and simple. It is the time for the survival of the fittest. Those who cannot look after themselves or doesn't know how to survive during these crucial times can get left behind. It is our responsibility to take the responsibility of our health and do whatever is necessary to see through these testing times.

As mentioned before, Human beings are energy beings. Our day to day activities, our achievements, our future, our health, our happiness etc is all determined by how our energy body vibrates. Vibrations consist of 2 types of frequencies - Higher and Lower frequencies. Higher frequencies include feelings like love, peace, joy, happiness, gratitude, courage etc. On the other hand, lower frequencies include feelings like worry, anxiety, fear, anger, guilt, shame etc.

Diseases occur when a person consistently vibrates in lower frequencies. This is when the external agents like bacteria, virus etc take control of the immune system. There is a particular lower range of frequency where these external agents can invade our body. A person who is always vibrating positively with feelings of happiness, peace and joy will not get affected by these external agents. Once these external agents somehow manage to enter the human body then the person's lower vibrations of fear and worry only helps these agents to multiply further. This is the reason why during these Pandemic times it is always necessary to be positive and fearless.

Holistic Techniques that can help you during this time: 

As I had mentioned, when there are blockages of energy flow in the human body then there is a chance of health issues arising. To avoid that and to maintain free flow of energy throughout the body, you can involve in some indoor or outdoor sports that brings joy to yourself. You can also keep in touch and have healthy conversations with your family, relatives and close friends. Following a new skill or a passion is another way to keep you engaged and motivated. Apart from that, there are certain holistic techniques that can help a lot during these times. Some of these valuable techniques are Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Reiki, Mindfulness, Law of Attraction, Subconscious Mind Reprogramming, Affirmation, Visualization, Grounding, Gratitude and Forgiveness etc. These techniques ensures that there is proper energy flow in the human body and there are no energetic blocks. To know more about these techniques you can refer my book called Unlimited Energy which is published in Amazon and Notionpress.

Techniques like Reiki and Meditation helps to channelize the God given Cosmic Energy from the Universe to our body for healing purposes. Yoga ensures the flexibility of the body and the spine. Once the body is aligned and balanced through Yoga then the flow of energy becomes smooth through our body and the Chakras. Chakras are the energy points within our body. There are 7 main Chakras and each Chakra has their significance in terms of health, abundance and prosperity. Pranayama or the life force, has multiple benefits. Some of them are to balance the left and the right brain. Pranayama also ensures the regular supply of oxygen throughout the body and the Nadis so that the body is always healthy and active. Nadis are the energy channels of the human body. Law of Attraction helps us to attract whatever we desire to our lives. Our goals and desire maybe be of a particular frequency. Law of Attraction helps us to vibrate at that particular feeling so as to get closer and closer to our desired goal.

When there is proper alignment of the human body to receive the energies from the Universe that is when Manifestation of dreams, desires and goals happen. Even a small thought of fear, anger and worry has the power to bring drastic changes to your body chemistry. So be careful to be Mindful of your thoughts. Just realize that you are a powerful being. Believe in your abilities. There are great things that you have already done in your life. Cherish those great moments, love yourself and show gratitude to the Supreme Almighty.

As responsible citizens of this blessed country, let us continue to follow all the protocols suggested by the Govt agencies and make sure we educate and spread the message of positivity, peace, love, happiness etc. Let us always remember to wear a mask and maintain social distancing when we are outside. Maintaining health hygiene by washing our hands and face regularly is also essential. Let us avoid negative news and discussions that can bring our emotions down. Helping others mentally, emotionally and physically is essential during these times. The world needs people like us to serve them. Let us lend our helping hand and serve those in real need of help.

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  1. Very true perspective🙏.We all should follow the protocols suggested by the Government and at the same time make our mind positive and inculcate healthy thoughts for our body to fight against this Pandemic.🙏


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