Saturday 24 April 2021

Mental space for Happiness

Mental space is an imaginary Personal space that gives you a feeling of being in that actual space. In this virtual world, you can imagine yourself being in any place of your interest and interact with this environment. This place can be a garden, a beach, a lake side, a football ground, a street etc.

Let us now do a Mental space exercise. In this exercise I would be choosing the beach.

  • Keep yourself relaxed by sitting in a chair or by lying on a bed. 
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take few deep breaths. 
  • Now start to Visualize yourself driving to the beach on a sunny day. 
  • Observe the excitement on your face as you drive to the beach. 
  • As you reach the beach, you park your car in a free space.
  • Now remove your shoes and slowly get out of the car and take a fresh breath. Feel the sunshine and express a sense of gratitude to God.
  • Now walk towards the sea shore. 
  • As you walk, feel the hot sand below your feet and the happy feeling that it triggers in yourself. 
  • Observe the waves coming towards you.
  • Observe small crabs running here and there in the shore and look at them with interest and a smile on your face. 
  • Notice the trail the waves creates after  it recedes back.
  • Now feel the waves touching your feet
  • Experience your feet getting dipped in the wet sand. 
  • With you palms take a handful of water.
  • Express a sense of gratitude to God. 
  • If possible rub the water all over your hands and arms.
  • Sea water is said to have lot of medicinal properties. So taking a bath in the sea once in a while is very good for your health. 
  • Now get into the water and enjoy the waves splashing all over your body.
  • Spend some time enjoying and relaxing in the water. 
  • Observe youself smiling, laughing and excited. 
  • If possible take a dip in the water. 
  • Try to walk in the sea and enjoy the effort of maintaining balance in the waves. 
  • Observe the water covering all of your body. 
  • Imagine the water removing all your negativity and bringing a fresh happiness to your life.
  • Here is the place where you can observe 3 different sources of visible energy - Sun, Sea, Earth. Say a prayer of gratitude to these visible sources of energy and ask for peace, happiness, prosperity and abundance to your life and for everyone else in this world. 
  • Once you are done, say thanks to this wonderful time that you had and make your way back to your home safely. 
  • That is the end of the Mental space exercise. You may slowly open your eyes now. 
Hope all of you had enjoyed this Mental space exercise. This exercise can give you some moments of happiness to your life. It can also help you to mentally prepare for a particular scenario in life.

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  1. Amazing! I like to meditate and imagining myself near the sea ... it makes us feel calm and I like the sounds of water waves too. its so relaxing

  2. This makes spirituality practical.


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